First Adventure As Media / Blogger At Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2018 10th Anniversary Official Launch

I was caught by surprise when I received an invitation from Standard Charted KL Marathon's Dirigo Events to attend Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2018 10th Anniversary Official Launch on 10 January 2018. 

Honestly speaking, I have never considered myself a blogger. :) I write because I would like to jot down my life journey especially on running, in the hope that some of my life experiences can inspire someone out there. And lately I have been wanting to either stop completely or reduce significantly my writing on running. But the surprised media invitation from Standard Chartered KL Marathon's Dirigo Events gave me a strong motivation and moral boost that I probably should continue to share and write as much as I can to contribute back to running community. 

Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to capture my very first adventure as a blogger to attend a media conference here. This wonderful media experience is priceless and memorable to me in my blogging journey! Thank you, Dirigo Events and Standard Chartered KL Marathon!

Here are some photos taken during the media launch. Since it was my first ever media experience as a blogger, I got very excited and I took quite a few photos. haha! 

Wow! It was packed with media and guests. I decided to sit far behind. lol!

The History of SCKLM corner. 

I was so glad to see some familiar faces - making me feel more at ease! Otherwise I would feel very weird! lol!

Some other familiar faces in running community. :)

I don't have a professional camera - hence a phone camera was all I used to capture Rainer in action. :)

Oh wow! Do you see that? That's what reports and bloggers do! lol!

haha! yes yes. more of the camera men, the reports, the bloggers etc trying to take photos. 
A very touching  video of SCKLM2018 launch!

Now I truly experienced what reporters and bloggers experienced in a press conference. lol!

Yay! I got a chance to take photo with Muhaizar Mohamad! So happy!

A friend Jiun Pan caught me taking photos with my smartphone. :)

Miggling session

More mingling session 

Wow! nice food was provided too!
Look at all the happy faces with the delicious food! Yummy!

More happy faces! :)

Great man Kelvin in running community!

Yay! more selfie session!
All the famous people in running community! hehe!
I love this photo by Jiun Pan. It's so cool for 10th anniversary celebration of SCKLM!

As a token of appreciation, media was given a media kit - with a SCKLM notebook and a very nice SCKLM pen drive! So happy!

Thank you Dirigo Events for my first media experience as a blogger! It was refreshing and a very new way for me to learn new things! I'm truly grateful for this opportunity in life. 

Words.    Vincent Khor
Date.       16 March 2018


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