Feeling nervous about my 1st triathlon (sprint)

Recently I registered myself for Port Dickson International Triathlon 2015 (Sprint Distance) to be held on 10 Oct 2015. It is going to be my first ever triathlon. I thought of giving it a go after much hesitation.

Running 5 km? 
I think manageable.

Swimming in the open water for 750 m? 
This is something new to me! I went for my first biathlon (Chin  Woo) in 2013 with 750 swim (or was it 500m?) in the swimming pool before the 5km run. It was an unforgettable experience. My head was spinning right after out of swimming pool... off balance when running.  Funny feeling! Anyhow,that was done in swimming pool. But this round it would be in open water. ..

Am I Ready? Definitely NOT!  I did go for open water workshop once to experience swimming in open water last year.  But I didn't actually swim all out to the furthest buoyant. It was just for the feel of it!

Also... funny thing is I dun know what to wear... lol... not prepared to buy Tri suit yet.  I guess swimming trunk will do this round for experience.

Cycling 20km?
This is the toughest part. I don't have a bicycle. :) My friend wanted to bring me to bike shop to look for one. But it would cost me rm 8k  for a decent long lasting bike that is light enough.  The problem is that I don't know if I would fall in love with triathlon or not , especially cycling. So I decided to go experience my 1st tri before may any decision to buy a bike.

So now I'm left with 2 bicycles to choose from which I managed to borrow from friends:

1. Java foldie  bike.. small in size, light in weight.. and I kind of love it especially it is easily fitted into car boot.

2.  Ranger mountain bike, normal size and foldable. A bit chunky and heavy.  Can be fitted into the car boot though.

Decided not to use a racing bike since none can be fitted into car boot. And I don't have a car rack.

I was told that I can use a small foldie  for the sprint distance. But a friend who joined the event last year said only 2 people with small foldies. They might laugh at me! Haha!

Let's see how it goes...  less than 3 weeks to go... I'm starting to get nervous!! haha! Well, I will take it easy and treat this as a life experience exploring new things in sports!


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