1st Sub 4 in Malaysia (2nd consecutive sub 4 after SCHKM2015) @ 3R International Marathon 2015

Inaugural run. Initially I didn't want to sign up, but kaki gatal since no race after SCHKM in Jan. Besides, I have not run an FM at Putrajaya before. So I gave it a shot!

I loved the beatiful scenic route despite the hot humid weather and no power gel given at water stations. Never experienced the serene beautiful Putrajaya like today before.

Great thanks to a running friend June YL for allowing me to pace her from the beginning. She is such an awesome runner helping me to stay consistent and focused.

Initially i treated this as training but at 30km, my time was 2 hr 45min. And it seemed there was still a chance to aim for my 1st sub4 in hot home soil Malaysia. So I started to pschyed myself up again to motivate myself. But from 35km onwards, I started to slow down.. beh tahan the heat and I ran out of power gel (should have brought extra).

Thanks to SMILE TEAM Choi CC and LYNR Group and all supporting runners at 37km. When I saw them, my spirit was lifted. And the coke - so so refreshing! It gave the much needed boost to replenish my energy. So i started to pick up pace again, slowly but surely, with raised hope again.
At 38km before going up the bridge for u turn, 3 kind souls provided coca cola too. And i took another cup. Thanks to you 3. Appreciate it.

By then June YL started to surge to the front and I couldnt keep up. But I continued to press hard not wanting to give up the last few kms.

At 500m, I then saw Tey EngTiong!! He is such a wonderful marvelous awesome man!! He not only took photos but he shouted at me, "On target for Sub 4! PIA!!!!"

Boy - That was so so so encouraging!! I quickly forced myself to listen to his encouraging word to widen my strides and PIA!!

To my amazement, I marginally squeezed into sub4 (3 hr 59 min net time). When I saw the clock, I almost wanted to shout out for joy! It was my 1st ever sub 4 in Malaysia, and 2nd consecutive sub 4 after SCHKM in Jan.

Great thanks and deep appreciation to June YL (congrats on your sub 4 PB 3hr 57min... salute you!!), SMILE TEAM and coca cola providers for the 2nd surge, and Tey EngTiong for the encouraging PIA shout! If not cos of you all, this wouldn't have happened! Thank you!
Photo credits to: Tey Eng Tiong, Allan Chow, Victor Chong, Teoh BJ & Kahwai


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