1st full marathon in Thailand - Muang Thai Chiang Mai Marathon 2014

Chiangmai Marathon 2014

Last race (FM) of 2014. Clocked 4hr 06min for 41km with 5:59min/km average pace. 
Distance was 1 km short though. Actual time would have been around 4hr12min for 42km. Not my best time, but happy it's still sub4:30. 

Cool nice weather. Flat route. No power gel but banana and water melon were given instead. smile emoticon Friendly crowd. Nice finisher shirt (color runs though after wash); medal quality could have been better. 

I followed 4hr pacers closely from start to 28km only.. then my tyre punctured. frown emoticon 

At 21km, the clocked time was 1hr 51min. Later I realised the pacers were going very fast following 3.44hr pace from beginning. It was a time I could never achieve in my lifetime. No wonder I could only see their shadows after 28km...haha! Nonetheless, it was an unforgettable experience.

About to reach finish line

finisher medal not so nice, finisher tee - color fades. 
but good running experience in Chiangmai!
Route of the boutique marathon

Very nice certificate

Event date 2012.12.21
Written on 2015.10.25


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