Exploring Kenting Taiwan's Maobitou (猫鼻头), Baisha / Cape No. 7 (白砂 / 海角七号), Kenting National Forest Recreational Area (垦丁国家森林游乐区)by public bus and foot

Strong wind at Maobitou (猫鼻头), Kenting Taiwan

After sharing my exciting and scary cycling exploration of Southern, Eastern and Northern part of Kenting National Park , it's time to share the following day's itinerary.

Actually, we planned to rent a bicycle again to cover the Western part of Kenting . But after the torturing 9-hour, 42-km cycling ride the day before, we decided to take it easy this round. :)

For this day (24 Feb 2016), we opted to explore the remaining part of Kenting by public transport - bus, and by foot.

Here is to recap some interesting places on the last day at beautiful Kenting:

1. Maobitou (猫鼻头)

I took a public bus right outside of the Kenting Dream B&B near the main Kenting street to come here.

Along the way, I passed by a Nuclear Plant with windmills and a lake called Houbiwu (后壁湖). It's also my first time ever to be so close to a nuclear plant!

Nuclear Plant with Windmills 

When we arrived at Maobitou, I was taken away by its strong wind and beautiful scenery.

Maobitou, which means "cat's nose and head" in Madarin, comes from its unique appearance like a crouching cat. :) It's one of the must-visit tourist attractions in Kenting area. The scenic area has a giant piece of coral jutting out of the sea. The coast is formed by coral reefs that are affected by wave erosion, efflorescence, and salt-soaking.

The natural landscape is breathtaking. And it's also a very good spot to watch sunset.

Besides the beautiful scenery, I was so caught up by the strong wind that I could literally feel that I would be blown away! :)

Watch this video to see how strong the wind was....

Cold and windy! But I couldn't stop smiling... :)

2. Baisha / Cape No. 7 (白砂 / 海角七号)
We then decided to walk 3.5 km to reach Baisha (白砂),  popular beautiful sandy beach where the famous Taiwanese movie Cape No. 7 (海角七号) was shot.

 The sand was so white and sandy. The ocean was so blue. And the wind was blowing. Even with the sun, I didn't feel a bit hot but I realised that I had turned darker from the 9 hour cycling ride the day before already. haha!

There was also a local TV game show being shot at location - some sort of eating game show. I tried to take photo but I was stopped from doing so. I guess they would want to keep it private until the show is aired on TV at later date.

Shoot location for the famous Taiwanese movie Cape No. 7 (海角七号)

3. Kenting National Forest Recreational Area (垦丁国家森林游乐区)
This is rather close to Kenting main street. Instead of taking public bus up, we walked all the way up the hill.. about 4 km or so.

The Kenting National Forest Recreational Area is close to the peak of Kenting as you can see from the photo.

There are 2 visiting areas:

1. 80 min slow walk covering Fern Garden, Araceae Garden, Croton Garden, Aquatic Garden, Cactus Collection, Tropical Fruit Garden, Rare and Endangered Collection, etc.

2. 70 min slow walk covering Green House, Stalahmite Cabe, Sea-Viewing Platform, Fairy Cave, Viewing Tower, Silver Dragon Cave, Cliff of Apes, etc.

We decided to take the 70 min slow walk as we wanted to go to the Sea-Viewing Platform, Viewing Tower to see the beautiful Kenting and the Pacific Ocean from atop. We also explored the caves along the way.

The most stunning scenery of Pacific Ocean could be seen from the highest point in Kenting at the Viewing Tower.

This is definitely a must go place!

4. Kenting Street At Night
I have shared in previous article about Kenting Street during day time. Now I would like to share Kenting Street at Night. I had a quite different feel about Kenting at night and during sunset. Very relaxing and serene! A wonderful place for holidaying! No wonder so many local Taiwanese like to visit Kenting for their weekend getaways or summer holidays.

Good bye, Kenting

After 3 nights in Kenting, it's time to say goodbye to such a wonderful national park. I have a strong bond with Taiwan. I am not sure why. I believe it's the people of Taiwan, the food of Taiwan, the culture of Taiwan that make me come back again and again.

During the 3 night stay, we also met some wonderful locals with warm hospitality.

For instance, Kenting Dream Bed and Breakfast Inn 垦丁寻梦园 that we stayed in provided us with the warmest hospitality that is the trademark of Taiwan.

I was shown not only the routes, given Kenting maps, directed to few areas for food and public bus stop, etc, I was greeted by the friendly hotel staffs with big warm genuine smile!! :)

This home stay was also rated very high in Agoda website. Highly recommended for you to stay if you ever visit Kenting!

Kenting Dream Bed and Breakfast (垦丁寻梦园) - highly recommended place to stay for your visit to Kenting!

Kenting, O Kenting - when will I get to visit you again? I hope it won't be long. Next time, I hope to try scuba diving.... haha! But the pacific ocean........... hmmmm...  Or I shall stick to bycling!

It will be awesome if there is a triathlon or marathon held here. It will give me another solid reason to come back!!

Written on 2016.04.11 for Kenting Taiwan Feb 2016 trip.


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