Running 365 miles in a year (Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg) or running 370 marathons in a year (Marathon Man - Robert Young)?

I have come across 2 inspiring running stories (so far) this year that somehow touched me to the core. One of them is Facebook founder Mark Zuckerbeg's running 365 miles in a year project and the Marathon Man UK Robert Young's achievement - running 370 marathons in a year.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg's running 365 miles in a year

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg's yearly challenge to himself has always inspired me. When he sets a yearly challenge (i.e. our terms of new year's resolutions), it's usually only one major challenge. In fact, I wrote about how his personal challenge this year has inspired me to write 100 articles in a year. If you are interested to know his challenge from 2009 until 2016, you can read My Personal Challenge 2016 - Inspired by Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg

For 2016, Mark Zuckerberg's physical challenge is to run 1 mile a day, 365 miles in a year. He has even created a group in Facebook called A Year of Running to motivate others to join!!

1 mile a day - 365 miles in a year

It looks simple but definitely it takes lots of dedication and determination and not to discount self-discipline day-in-day-out. For a person who hasn't run much before, it's a great challenge as is. And the continuation for 365 days makes it even a greater challenge! 

Mark has nailed it though. If we want to change a habit, doing it for a longer period will have us change our behavior. 

Because of Mark Zuckerberg, I threw myself a personal challenge too to write 100 articles in a year. 


Marathon Man UK - Robert Young's running 370 marathons in a year

Crazy and humanly almost impossible! :) I sweat and my knees felt weak by hearing his achievement!! haha!

There are only 365 days in a year! That means The Marathon Man UK - Robert Young ran a full marathon (42 km) or more (ultra marathon) EVERY DAY FOR ONE FULL YEAR. 

Was that even possible? 

Well - he was challenged by his girl friend then. And he just woke up the next day and started running to work. 42 km. Then he ran back home. Also 42 km. 

And he has not looked back ever since!! In fact he quit his job to run full time!! 

So impressive!!! 

If you were to ask me whether it's his physical strength or mental strength that made it possible, I would say his MENTAL STRENGTH.

By reading his inspiring story on his home page, I get inspired to challenge myself to go even further.

I'm determined to shake off my fear, lack of confidence, and to train in order to complete my first half Iron Man distance in triathlon in September (and yes - I must go buy a bike soon! :))

And if I manage to complete the half ironman distance in triathlon this September, I may try Ironman distance one of these years..  :) 

And May be I shall try ultra marathon (50 km or 100 km) one day too?

And may be I shall try running 12 marathons in a year some time soon? :)

My Source of Inspiration 
Oprah Winfrey has inspired me to run sub 4 hour 30 min in my full marathon in Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon  in 2014. 

And in 2016, I am glad I have found Mark Zuckerberg as my inspiration. And now with Marathon Man UK - Robert Young, it's a bonus!

Thank you Mark Zuckerberg and Robert Young for inspiring me to go beyond my limits in 2016! I am not sure if I can achieve it, but I surely would love to have strong mental strength and endurance of Robert Young; and the intelligence and self-discipline of Mark Zuckerberg  to soldier on to see how far I can go.

And if I ever feel demotivated along the way - I shall revisit what I have written down today to remind me again! :)

Written on 2016.04.15