Read On, Dream On: Through reading, dreams are conceived and fulfilled

Last Tuesday evening as I was driving home from work and stuck in a stand-still traffic jam, a car bumped into my car from behind. It caused a dent in my rear car bumper and damage to my rear car bonnet. The rear car bonnet couldn't be closed properly. As a result, my car needed to be in the car workshop for 3 full days (last Wednesday to Friday) for repair. 

Without a car, I had no choice but to take public transport. Therefore, for 3 consecutive days, I walked 20 min from home to Sri Petaling LRT station early in the morning to catch the 6 am train to Sultan Ismail LRT station. The train journey took me 28 min. And then I walked another 15 min from Sultan Ismail LRT station to Celebrity Fitness fym at Quill CityMall for morning workout before work.

Going back home, it's also another 28 min in the train.

I would say that my car accident is a blessing in disguise. The car accident has given me the opportunity to have the 58 min train ride every day for 3 consecutive days.

And because of the train ride, I picked up my book to read in the train, making it a pleasant train journey after all. :)

Truly, Life is like a train - with many stops and destinations. And reading can lead our imaginations into new frontiers of unchartered adventures and fresh opportunities.

Reading in a train? It's connecting imagination to reality! Awesome experience! :)

Coincidentally, I was using one of my favorite bookmarks I got at BookFest 2014 from donation for the "Hope Reading Charity Campaign" initiated by Sin Chew Daily and supported by Popular Bookstore to provide reading material for the less fortunate and children living in the rural areas.

And the header of the bookmark really hit it on the nail about READING:

through reading, 
dreams are conceived and fulfilled

If you were to look carefully on the bookmark, there are paper-print butterflies

The paper-print butterflies symbolises the freedom to read without boundaries

It leads our imagination into new frontiers of unchartered adventures and fresh opportunities.

According to a native American legend, "Capture a butterfly and whisper to it your wishes, then set it free and your wishes will come true."

So true about reading.

As I was reading in the train, physically I might be in the train but my imagination was like the paper-print butterflies leading me into discovering my destiny via Robin Sharma's "Discover Your Destiny"

That's how marvelous reading is! Reading can transform lives too!

Annual BookFest Malaysia 2016 by Popular Bookstore is just around corner.  

This year, it falls on 2-10 July 2016. The venue will be the same as last year, at Kuala Lumpur Convention Center KLCC, Hall 1-5 (Ground Floor) Grand Ballroom and Banquet Hall (Level 3).

For the last 3 consecutive years, I have been patronizing the BookFest Malaysia to buy myself almost 1 whole year supply of books to read.

I plan to do the same this year to check out some new books there at BookFest Malaysia 2016.

Perhaps this year, I shall look for books in self developmentlife enrichment, writingrunningtriathlons, and healthy living. If I can pick up a book or two on "how to retire early with passive income", or "doing things you love, loving things you do", that will be a bonus. :)

I would like to encourage you to have your dreams fulfilled and conceived through reading as well.

For more on BookFest Malaysia 2016, here is the link:

Written on 2016.06.22


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