Inspirational Quote: It's time to do it.

Inspirational quote
Inspirational Quote

It's time to do it.
whatever it is,
find it and do it.

Photographer : Vincent Khor
Place             : 113 Triathlon Bukit Merah, Perak
Camera         : Nikon D5100

Why this inspirational quote?

We are a procrastinator in nature.
We are fearful in nature.
We doubt our own capability in nature.

We are ready but we think we are not.
We can rise to the occasions but we did not.
We can do it but we are afraid to even try.

What stops us?
What grips us?
What holds us back?

The world?
The surroundings?
The people?


It's we.
It's ourselves.
It's us.

For goodness sake,

Can we believe more in ourselves?
Can we have more courage?
Can we not let fear grip us?

It's time to do it!
Don't just dream dreams! 
Whatever it is, find it and do it!

Get set. Ready. Go! 

Abundant life is waiting...

An inspiration from completing my maiden half Ironman

Written on 2016.09.18


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