Tokyo Marathon 2017, why am I not the chosen one?

Today is a long-awaited day for the Tokyo Marathon 2017's ballot result which I registered on August 1.

It is my 4th attempt in 4 years trying to be the lucky one to be chosen to run in Tokyo Marathon 2017. My previous 3 attempts all failed! And I put high hope in making my dream come true to run in the most celebrated marathon in Asia - Tokyo Marathon in 2017.

321,459 entrants for Tokyo Marathon 2017

Looking at the email stats I received on September 2, there are 321,459 applicants who wanted to run 42.192 km full marathon and 1,244 applicants for 10 km race in Tokyo Marathon 2017.

What a whopping number!! Crazy!

September 2 Email
The general entry applications for the Tokyo Marathon 2017 has closed as of August 31.
We have accepted applicants (Marathon・10 km) of 322,703.

*A total number of applicants     322,703
Marathon(42.195km)             321,459
- 10km                                         1,244

Only 35,500 lucky runners for Tokyo Marathon 2017 

Maximum number of entrants:
Marathon     : 35,500 runners
10km Race  : 500 runners

Chances of winning the lottery: 35,500 / 321,459 = 11% 

With the maximum number of entrants for Full Marathon set at 35,500 and 500 for 10km race, it looks like my chance of being chosen is only 11%.

Tokyo Marathon 2017 lottery result

Today, the Tokyo Marathon 2017 notification of the Lottery Result is out!!

And this morning,  many runners are already posting on their Facebook walls about their lottery results!!

That made me very anxious to know mine too. Quickly, I went to check my email.

September 16
ID No.: 0000012621

** Tokyo Marathon 2017 Notification of the Lottery Result/Not accepted **

Thank you very much for your application for entry.
We regret to inform you that you are not accepted the lottery to run the Tokyo Marathon 2017.
We look forward to your application for our future events.

To my huge disappointment, my application was unsuccessful!!

4th attempt in 4 years! 4th time unsuccessful!! 

285,959 crying runners

I'm so sad. I feel so rejected. I feel like crying.

This is the event that I have been trying so hard to participate for the last 4 years yet no luck.

I guess I will be crying along with other 285,959 runners who didn't get selected. Sob sob!

Chosen 11%
Some runners have been selected despite most of us feeling disappointed for the rejection.

I am really jealous of them. :) I wish I am chosen, like them.

But somehow in my life, I haven't been so lucky.

I was only lucky once in a lucky draw. I won a table fan in a company dinner many many years ago.

Another time, I won RM 100 from lottery ticket 20 years ago.

Other than that, everything I receive is through hard work and effort.

How I wish I had more luck like some of the selected runners.

Life reflection

Shall I try to register again next year for Tokyo Marathon 2018? Or shall I give up after 4 attempts?

Well well - I ain't gonna give up! I will definitely register to try my luck again next year. I pray that one day luck will be on my side. :) Wishful thinking may be - but if I don't register there won't be any chances at all. So I will give it another shot!!

Isn't it like life - full of ups and downs?

Life isn't meant to be easy. It's meant to be lived. sometimes happy, other times rough. But with every up and down, you learn lesson that make you strong.

I will console myself that now I have another year to prepare for Tokyo Marathon 2018. haha!

I shall come back stronger. lol!

Tokyo, I won't get to visit you next year.

But as long as I still can run, I will continue to register every year until one year I have become the chosen one. 

Please wish me luck! :)

For more info on Tokyo Marathon, please click here.

Written on 2016.09.16


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