Brad Pitt or Turia Pitt? Burns survivor Ironman Turia, anytime!

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Before this I didn't know who Turia Pitt was. I only know Brad Pitt; and Angelina Jolie; and Brangelina; and their 6 children; and their recent divorce case.

But last night I read a very inspiring story about a 29 year-old burns survivor Turia who happens to carry same surname as Brad Pitt. And she just completed her debut Hawaiian Ironman triathlon, the most prestigious Ironman World Championship, on Oct 11, 2016 at the town of Kailua-Kona. She completed the 3.8km swim, 190km cycle and 42.2km marathon run event in 14 hours 37 minutes 30 seconds.

Then I did some googling and found out that she in fact completed another Ironman triathlon (Ironman Australia) earlier this year (May 2016).  That was her first Ironman triathlon first years after a horrific bush fire in 2011 during an ultra-marathon in Western Australia that nearly claimed her life.

Burns victim who completed 2 full Ironman triathlons in a year? 

The more I read about her stories, the more inspired I have become.


  • 65 percent of her body was burned during the horrific bush fire 5 years ago (2011)
  • told by doctors that she would never walk and run again
  • more than 200 operations to treat her burns
  • The burns have left Turia Pitt unable to regulate her body temperature

2016 is rather a special year for Turia Pitt.

This year, she stands tall and reborn, completing 2 Ironman triathlons to date, including the most prestigious Kona Ironman Championship in Hawaii, proving to the whole world that even with all the odds against her, nothing is really impossible.

And you know what? She had to wear special clothing to cope with the severe heat and humidity, especially passing through the infamous lava fields in Hawaii Ironman Triahlon.

This is what she has to say, 
"Because of my burns, I can't regulate my own body temperature. I have to make adjustments or use standard tri gear in different ways... I will need things such as cooling sleeves and white suits to deal with the heat in Kona."

She then said the below which created goose bumps all over my body,

"I'd rather take a crack at it and fail than not even try at all."

I was so moved and touched by her remarkable, inspiring triathlon stories. 
In comparison, I feel very ashamed of my own self. I just completed my first half ironman triathlon and I was already telling myself no way I will be doubling my pain in full ironman in future. Half Ironman triathlon is the most I would go for.  What a shame on me!
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Look at our beautiful Turia Pitt.... (yes! she is BEAUTIFUL to me!)
How did she do it? 
Why does she have such strong mental strength to endure such long-suffering pain of a full Ironman triathlon with 65 percent burned body?
Why? Why? Why?
Can I have the same strong mental strength as her?
Turia Pitt is not a burns victim
She is destined to inspire millions of others to do greater things in life.
I'm one of those being inspired by her.
Thank you, Turia Pitt!
Whenever I feel the world is against me, I will think of your life stories. And I shall be inspired to perhaps try out 1 full Ironman triathlon at least once in my lifetime - even at my age.
Yes, you are right - Turia Pitt -
"I'd rather take a crack at Full Ironman Triathlon one day and fail than not even try at all." :)
To find out more about Turia Pitt, please check out her website:

Written on: 2016.10.13


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