Live the life you love; Love the life you live!

Inspirational Quote #10: Live the life you love; Love the life you live!

Inspirational Quote 

Live the life you love;

Love the life you live.

Photographer    : Vincent Khor
Place                 : Chiangmai, Thailand
Camera             : Nikon D5100

Why this Quote?

I took this photo outside of a cafe in Chiangmai, Thailand in 2014. It caught my attention because the 2 animal statues are so cute, so joyful, so worry-free, and so living!

I could feel its joy!

I believe if the animals statues were alive, they would have seen our world as a world that is full of love, peace, joy and hope!

In life, we have struggled since we were small. 

In school, we were pressured to excel!

In college, we might end up studying what our parents wanted us to study or the fields that would land us a good job after graduation!

In our careers, we might be forced to stick to a job just because of the pay, and not so much of job satisfaction!

When will we start not to worry about how others perceive us?

When will we stop letting our financial commitments push us down our throat, suffocating until we sacrifice our own dreams?

When will we succumb to the fast-pace of working life, to the extent of sacrificing our quality time with family and loved ones?

When will we start to really live our dreams fully? Or we let our dreams fade away as we grow older?

I don't know about you, I'm feeling the shortness of time in this world. 

Instead of saying how many more years to come, now I'm counting how many years left.

In order not to have any regrets in life, I have started to constantly remind myself to make conscious decisions that will make me love my life more

I have started to practice work life balance to have more quality time with my family.

I have started to treat myself a bit better.

I have started to pursue things I love even more so:

  • writing a blog despite my lousy English; 
  • running longer distance despite the age factor
  • cycling in foreign lands whenever I could to explore different things
  • travel to see the culture of different people appreciating what life has to offer
  • photography despite my poor creative mind; 
  • guitar playing and singing worship songs despite my toilet-singing talent
  • swimming to feel the serenity of the water

Most importantly, 

I want to be myself. 

I want to feel liberated. 

I want to live the  life I love

And I want to love the life I live!

Wouldn't you?

Written on: 2016.04.04


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