Inspirational Quote: We Lose Ourselves in Books, We Find Ourselves There Too

Recently, I bought 10 Chinese books from Popular Book Store for less than RM 120 in total. What a steal! These books shall be my spiritual food for self development in the next few months. :)

  1. 善生  (live well after loss of loved ones)
  2. 未来的你,会感谢 现在 勇敢的自己 (you will be grateful in the future to the courage you demonstrate today)
  3. 再苦也要笑一笑 (smile, no matter how tough life is) 
  4. 你若盛开,蝴蝶自来 (If you blossom, you will automatically attract butterflies)
  5. 你的人生, 不必如此幸苦 (your life doesn't have to be so hard)
  6. 你也可以光明万丈 (you too can shine)
  7. 不抱怨的人生 (do not complain in your life)
  8. 你的努力,终将成就 辛运的你 (your hard work will bring you good luck)
  9. 平凡的日子里, 遇见最美丽的意外 (discovering beautiful surprises in a simple life)
  10. 在路上,遇见 心想事成的自己 (seeing all your wishes come true in life journey)

Actually I read the book 善生  (live well after loss of loved ones) last year. It was a meaningful gift from a very nice colleague cum friend who wanted to encourage me during my grievances of the loss of my beloved mother. The book touched me a great deal. The real life stories depicted in the book have taught me how to grief and  cope with the loss of my mom; as well as how to live well thereafter. This meaningful book has become a guiding book for me to live well for the sake of my mom. Time flies. More than a year later, I am ready to pick myself up once again with God's grace and strength.

I have given back the book to my colleague because she also wanted to read it herself. Hence, I decided to buy myself a copy since it's such a wonderful book.

As for the remaining 9 books sold at only RM 9.50 per book, I hope to draw strengths and motivations from the countless short stories and motivating messages as I continue to search for meaning and purpose in life. I also would like to reflect on the messages to see how else I can become better, living a more fulfilling simple life.

As I dig deep into the books, I've come across this beautiful inspirational quote about books:
We lose ourselves in books, we find ourselves there too.          - Shakespeare
It 's very true that we can really find ourselves in books.

I also created a little pic-art with the inspirational quote and my books.

Whenever I go to office and back from office in an LRT train, I will read the book - be it standing or sitting down. In fact, I'm rather used to standing inside LRT train with one hand holding on the rail or bar handle, and another hand with my book.

Despite the crowd in the LRT train, I would feel nothing. The noises, the people, the movement of train don't bother me.

I really lose myself in the books in LRT train.

But as I lose myself in the books, I also find myself in the books.

I would like to quote what Anne Quindlen said,

Books are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination and the journey. They are home.

Happy reading, peeps! Find yourselves in the books!!

Written on 2017.01.25


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