YOLO: you only live once

I'm definitely not Generation Y. Neither am I millennial. And don't even think about Generation Z... hahaha!

Well, I'm proudly Generation X (1961 - 1981) who is trying to have a young heart like a Gen Y

You can call me naive or ignorant. But seriously, The word "YOLO" or "#YOLO" only comes into my dictionary recently after one of my ex-colleagues, who is also co-founder of FAVE, visited us and gave us an inspirational talk.

One of the questions asked by the audience on why he has chosen to join startups instead of working comfortably earning big bucks in big corporations, he humbly said, "YOLO! You Only Live Once!"

The alien word "YOLO" pierced through my heart at the moment so strongly that I felt like I have just been struck by lightning!

It was one of those "awe" moments in life and the word "YOLO" has been engraved on my brain and skull forever!

So what does "YOLO" really mean? 

It means "You Only Live Once", an expression that is the evolution of the phrase "carpe diem" ("seize the day").

It's a modern explanation of enthusiasm that has reached viral meme popularity since 2011.  

It's used to inspire courage and bravery, or to justify doing something idiotic and embarrassing. 


Have the courage to follow your heart + intuition. They somehow know what you truly want to become.  - Steve Jobs

And yes, BRAVERY...

"The person who is able to open themselves completely to the world, is the person who is bravest. Many would call that person a fool, but shift your perspective and it becomes lear that the fool is in fact the person who cuts themselves off from the world and from loving freely, for they cannot see that they are killing themselves in the atmosphere of their own constriction." - TEAL -

After all, you only live once (YOLO) ...

True indeed, after all, we only live once. 

This word YOLO is very meaningful to me especially during this time when I'm in the journey searching for my purpose in life. 

Why am I on earth for?

What's the purpose of my life?

Why am I so worried about things unknown in future? 

Why am I so risk adverse?

Despite all the fears and worries, I'm very happy to share that I have been slowly but surely gaining courage and bravery to live the true meaning of YOLO

I have started to do things I love more

I have started to live life fuller.

I have started to shift my focus to the right thing (i.e. family) in life.

I have started to follow my heart to pursue my dreams regardless of outcome (i.e. blogging).

It's very strange though. I thought I would feel uneasy or not at peace with myself by doing something idiotic and embarrassing, but in truth, I feel very much at peace with myself after the initial struggles.

It's a life-long process to live a life of YOLO! But as I put an effort to focus on it, and with the courage and bravery I draw from God, I feel that I'm closer and closer to what I want to do for the rest of my life... a life of no regrets!

Because....... YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE!

I would like to encourage you to live like my dear humble ex-colleague. I'm trying my best to YOLO now! Will you YOLO too?

Let's cheer together for YOLO, "YOLO YOLO YOLO yee! 😁

Written by Vincent Khor on March 7, 2017


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