Home-cooked wet vegetarian fried mee for carbo loading

home-cooked wet vegetarian fried mee

Yes, I cook simple meals during weekends the best I can

Surprise? Don't be! :) Sometimes when we are put in a situation, we just need to find ways to make things work out to the best it can. I believe many of us have experienced it in our lives.

You see, our domestic helper is off from Saturday noon and back to our home again only on Sunday evening. Usually, I would then go out to pack lunch and dinner for my dad and myself. 

But due to the fact that my dad can only take soft vegetables (no teeth to bite if too hard) and limited protein (tofu, bean curb, meat, etc) due to his deteriorating kidney function, I have chosen to cook simple meals (usually 1 vegetable soup and 1 fish dish or 1 vegetable soup and 1 fried vegetables) the best I can. At times, I will then fry rice or noodle or mee. :)

Do I use recipe? No.

I find it too complicated for simple dishes. haha! I guess I am lazy to flip through the cook book or search for recipes online too. :)

How do I cook my simple meals then? 

I would cook based on what's available in our fridge. Then I would imagine how my mom would cook if she were still around, types of ingredients she would put, etc.  :) 

Here is to share the simple home-cooked wet vegetarian fried mee that I made yesterday evening for our dinner and my carbo loading for this morning's 30 km LSD run. 

Don't laugh, ok? If you laugh, please cover your mouth!!! 😃

Home-cooked wed vegetarian fried mee recipe


  • garlic
  • onion
  • shallot (small onion)
  • chili
  • celery
  • tomato
  • capsicum
  • eggs
  • mee noodle
  • cooking oil
  • pepper
  • salt
  • light soy sauce
  • dark soy sauce
  • chili sauce

    garlic, onion, shallot, capsicum, celery, chili and eggs


1.  Put a little cooking oil into the hot wok
2.  Add garlic, onion and shallot and stir fry until golden brown
3.  Add cut red chili and stir fry together with the golden brown garlic, onion and shallot
4.  When you can smell the nose-choking chili from the stir frying, you can then take all out into a plate.

Stir fry in a hot pan / wok

5.  By now there is no more oil in the hot work, so please add a little more for egg frying
6.  Add eggs into the wok and stir fry. 
7.  There is no need to wait until the eggs are fully cooked. Once you see them half cooked with the flowing egg yolks and egg whites, you can then take them out to put onto the plate.

stir fry the eggs and take it out

8.  Add 1-2 cups of water into the hot wok which still has residues of the eggs and tastes from earlier stir-fried garlic, onion, shallot and chili.
9.  Put all the ingredients - tomatoes, capsicum, celery, garlic, onion, shallot, chili and eggs into the hot wok.
10. Put the mee noodle now as per your servings.

dump all into the work......... hahahaha! Lazy way of cooking a meal! lol!
11. Time to add sauce - light soy sauce, dark soy sauce as well as pepper, salt and chili sauce
12.  Stir fry until they are all even. Do make sure that there is enough water.
13.  Cover the hot wok for a short while to allow the water to boil and soften up the vegetables. The longer it's the better for the vegetables.
14.  Try to taste the cooking to see if it's good enough to be served. If not salty enough, do add a little more salt or light soy sauce.

After adding light and dark soy sauce, salt, pepper, a little bit of chili sauce... this is what it looks like..

Viola - the home-cooked vegetarian fried mee is ready to be served! :)

Viola - the simple yet nutritious home-cooked vegetarian fried mee is ready to be served! It's best to be eaten hot. :) Does the photo below look like fried mee from mamak stall? hehe! :)

Presenting - home-cooked wet vegetarian fried mee for carbo loading. :)


Thumbs up from my dad! 😍

I'm grateful that my 93 year-old dad is not a picky person. Well, he has been very critical about his food when my mom was around. But I believe he knows how tough it's for anyone to emulate my mom's cooking or to cook as good as my mom. He has been eating my mom's cooking for more than 50 years. His taste buds have been used to my mom's cooking already.

Even for this dish, he wanted his fried mee to be "wet". I told him I am not mom and I can only do my best. 

As it was my first time cooking this wet vegetarian fried mee using all imagination I could have imagining how my mom would cook if she were around, I was happy to have gained "thumbs up" from my funny dad!! :)

I guess even though my cooking is not perfect perfect, it has allowed him to relive my mom's cooking for him through me.....

My dad is very sporting - he would pose for me when I ask him to!

hahaaha! He finished the fried mee! He is happy! I'm happy! :)

Please try it if you don't mind plain, simple dish that can be cooked in a short 30 min max. :) Even if you don't, I hope seeing my 93 year-old dad's funny photos will put a smile on your face too. 

Written by Vincent Khor on Feb 5, 2017


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