Running Lab's Project Love Sneaker 2017: Goodbye Newton Gravity

A couple of week ago, I saw some running friends posting on Facebook about Running Lab's Project Love Sneaker 2017.

It's a very meaningful project to collect old but still clean and reusable running shoes to donate them off to Destiny Starting Point Welfare Association to help the elderly, individuals with disabilities and less fortunate youths.

In return, Running Lab will present the shoe donor with RM 100 voucher to be used for your next pair of running shoe.

Since I have some old running shoes, I decided to support this project. At the same time, I would also want to visit Running Lab's newly opened running store at One Utama. It will definitely be a great bonus if I could bump into Frank Chong, the ultra marathon runner who manages Running Lab.

Ready to donate 3 pairs of used running shoes

3 days ago, I looked up my old running shoes and found 3 pairs of used running shoes which are pretty much in good condition.
  • New Balance 870
  • New Balance 880
  • Newton Gravity
I decided to wash them clean, dry them up, and tie the shoe laces again.

As I went through the preparation process to send off my 3 pairs of old running shoes for donation, I have mixed feelings.

At one hand, I was rather reluctant. These shoes have accompanied me through some training and races during my running journey. They have become a part of my running life. And I have lots of of attachment with the running shoes. I love all my running shoes!! 😍

On the other hand, I knew I won't be wearing them anymore.

New Balance 870 has accompanied me through few races in early days, notably Jakarta Race 2012's 10 km race when I was still based in Jakarta.

As for New Balance 880, I bought it 1 size larger (US Size 10) since I found my New Balance 870's US size 9.0 a bit too tight. Unfortunately, it was too loose and heavy for my liking, especially running more than 10 km.

During the early days of running, I struggled to improve my running technique to prevent knee injuries, which occurred to me rather frequent. I recall there were several times (min 3 times) that I had to rest for 3-6 months before I could join the next race.

I was not technically inclined nor knowing what went wrong. Then later from some googling and chatting with more seasoned running friends, I realized that one of the reasons why I've injured myself was due to that fact that I am a heel striker.

Then after asking Mr Google again and checking with some other runners who run in Newton, I decided to invest in a pair of Newton Gravity running shoe for its "forefoot running" technology.

Boy - was it a big change for me, resulting in calf soreness, ankle pain and imbalance in landing due to the 4 lug technology. haha!! 😋 But somehow, Newton Gravity really taught me to listen to my landing better, realizing the differences of heel landing, mid-foot landing and forefoot landing. But I never ran a race in Newton Gravity before though because by then, I was focusing more on running full marathons. And I wasn't entirely comfortable with running 42 km with it.  Even though I wasn't comfortable with Newton shoes, but I have few running friends achieving sub 4 in full marathons in Newton Gravity!!! It's great shoe!!

Well, isn't running about trial and error, learning as we go? 👍👍

I believe every runner goes through the same process. At the end of the day, every runner is special and unique. A pair of running shoes perfect for someone doesn't necessarily mean that it's perfect for another. And vice versa.

Therefore, from what I have learned as a novice runner, listening to our own body, understanding our running form and feet structure will best find us the perfect shoes for each and every one of us.

Anyway, back to Running Lab's Project Love Sneaker 2017. 😊

Newton Gravity, you will find new owner soon! Be good!

The Running Lab at One Utama is really really nice, fully equipped, well stocked and well designed. I love it much better than the Tropicana City Mall's outlet. I can see that I will drive all the way from Sri Petaling to One Utama more often to patronize Running Lab in future. :) A big congratulations to Running Lab and Frank Chong for this One Utama's impressive store.

Today must be my lucky day. Frank Chong was in the house!! Yohoo! 👏👏👏

So happy to be able to chat with him about his personal experience at Route 68 Challenge 2017's 168 km ultra marathon which was held about 2 Saturdays/Sundays ago (April 15-16).

I asked if he has fully recovered from his ankle pain. He said, yes. Then he suddenly pulled down his sleeves showing me his burned forearm and shoulder!! Oh my goodness, I saw layers of skin peeling off from his forearm and shoulder!! My jaws dropped! It reminded me of my Half Ironman Triathlon at Bukit Merah last year. Wow! I didn't realize that having peeled skin is also one of the sacrifices of running ultra marathons. I really respect Frank and other ultra marathoners even more!!! So much pain to endure!! Salute!!

After checking on 3 pairs of my used running shoes, Frank said that only Newton Gravity is the only pair that's in clean, good, reusable condition that can be donated. It came as no surprise because I used Newton Gravity the least out of the 3 pairs. :) I have a tendency to really use my shoes to the max before I even buy a new pair. Therefore, having Newton Gravity fit Running Lab's Project Love Sneaker 2017's condition was a real bonus to me!! :)

Therefore, I took back my Newton 870 and Newton 880 and said goodbye to Newton Gravity.

In return, Frank gave me a RM 100 voucher.

RM 100 Voucher used to purchase Saucony Kinvara 8

I immediately asked if I could use it to purchase Saucony Kinvara 8, my current brand of running shoes!! he!he! (What to do? Saucony Malaysia doesn't want to appoint me as their ambassador. So I gotta buy on my own lor! lol! Just joking lah! 😋)

Frank asked for my size and color of my preference, then quickly went inside the store to pull out brand new Saucony Kinvara 8 (red).

Frank is such a wonderful, helpful guy! His service is superb! 

It was such a great honor and a humble experience to have been able to learn about ultra running, nutrition, fueling, and running shoes from him as we continued to converse while I tried out Saucony Kinvara 8.

Thank you, Running Lab's Project Love Sneaker 2017!

I really want to thank Running Lab for such an awesome project allowing runners to give back to society and to have a pair of new running shoes at RM 100 discounted price.

I came home from Running Lab today
  • feeling great knowing that an elderly, an individual with disabilities or a less fortunate youth will be new owner of the beautiful bright color Newton Gravity running shoe (Newton Gravity, please be good to your new owner yeah!!)
  • full of gratitude for Frank Chong's awesome service, his ultra marathon sharing, and running tips
  • excited about having my first pair of Saucony Kinvara 8 (and my 3rd pair of Kinvara shoes)

Support Project Love Sneaker 2017 (until 30 April 2017)

If you haven't had a chance to support Project Love Sneaker 2017 yet and use your old running shoe to bless a less fortunate person, it's not too late.

The shoe collection is until 30 April. 6 more days to go!!

Here are the terms and conditions provided by Running Lab:
  • If you have time and have old but still reusable running shoes, why not drop by our stores at 1 Utama or Pavilion Elite to donate them off to the needy. And in return, we will present you with a RM 100 voucher to be used for your next pair of running shoe.
  • All shoes will be donated to Destiny Starting Point Welfare Association to help the elderly, individuals with disabilities and less fortunate youths.
  • Terms and Conditions applied.
  • Shoe collection till 30 April 2017. Only clean and reusable running shoes will be accepted. Children running shoes are acceptable. We reserved the rights to reject any shoes which we deemed unsuitable.
  • Voucher valid till 31 May 2017 and is to be used for regular priced running shoes only.
  • 1 voucher per shoe.

To know more about Running Lab Malaysia, please visit their Facebook page here

Lot LG307A, Lower Ground Floor (New Wing)
Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: +603 7621 7583

Level 5, #102-02,
Pavilion Elite,
168, Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603 2110 5856

Written by Vincent Khor on 24 April 2017.


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