The old man and the barber shop 老人与理发店

The traditional barber shops have been around for as long as I can remember.

The most unique features of any barber shops are the unique barber chair,  hair clipperbarber knife / razorhair thinning shear, foamy after-shave cream, etc. 

And who can forget about the head-and-shoulder massage with the neck twist making click click sound? 😉 Ouch!!

My dad is 93 years-old this year. 

During the younger years, he had his hair cut at traditional barber shops. He has never cut his hair at any modern hair saloon before. 

But during the last 20 years, he never visited any traditional barber shops. My loving mom was the person who cut my dad's hair with the home haircut kit that I bought. My beloved mom had been my dad's barber, hair stylist and shampoo girl for the last 20 years...... until December 2015.

Without my mom around as my dad's barber, hair stylist and shampoo girl, I have started to bring my dad to visit traditional barber shop near my house again once every 3-4 weeks.

The old man and the barber shop 老人与理发店

The old man and the traditional barber shop! 

Both have been around for a long time. 

Both have been practical, functional and serving the family / community all the while. 

Both have wealth of experiences with them.

Both have many many interesting life stories to tell.

Today, I would like to reflect the old and the tradition versus the young and the modern.

I would like to share the life moments of my 93 year-old dad and the traditional barber shop

It's time to slow down our lives... to smell life, to appreciate little traditional people and things in life that have helped to enrich our lives and society.

All the interesting hair cut equipment at the barber shop!

Dad has his hair cut with electric clipper

Dad likes his hair short. very short. :)

Looking smart for a 93 year-old! :)

Oh - that barber knife!! The trademark of traditional barber shops. Not commonly used in modern hair saloon.

Smile!! Dad - you look sharp and handsome despite your age! :) 


Written by Vincent Khor on May 10, 2017.


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