Jomtien Beach, Pattaya Thailand: tranquility, rest, relaxation

Life's a beach at Jomtien Beach, especially with Chang Thai beer.

Welcome to Jomtien Beach!

2 kilometers south of the vibrant lively Pattaya Beach lies a much quieter, peaceful 6-km straight stretch of sand: Jomtien Beach.

If lazing on the sandy beach, splashing the clean and uncluttered sea, enjoying cheap seafood snacks available from wandering vendors, having a good Thai meal served from fine restaurants right to your beach chair, feeling fresh from the windy sea breeze, reading a good book without being disturbed by other tourists, or even taking a nice nap on the beach chair, you have found the right place.

Welcome to Jomtien Beach in Pattaya! A beautiful sandy beach with tranquility for rest and relaxation. 


At Jomtien Beach, you don't see tourist buses arriving here with excited tourists being herded from the buses onto crowded speedboat for few hours of island trip to Ko Larn. All the speedboat services to Ko Larn depart from Pattaya Beach or Bali Hai Pier Pattaya.

At Jomtien Beach, you don't see shopping malls with shoppers and tourists. The largest complex is Jomtien Complex with convenience stores, shops, bars, massage centers, and budget hotels. Other than that, you only see scattered rows of shop houses.

At Jomtien Beach, you don't have the noise and air pollution from vehicles, people and loud music. For the noise and air pollution that you probably experience at Pattaya Beach, you can reduce it by 90%. That probably gives you an idea of how calm and peaceful Jomtien Beach is.

At Jomtien Beach, you don't feel lost in the crowd at crowded streets. You see tourists. You see local Thais. But it's again 90% less than at Pattaya Beach.

At Jomtien Beach, you don't need to fight over a beach chair or umbrella at the best spot on beachfront. Reason? Very simple. Most tourists flock Pattaya Beach as that's the most happening place. But there are some folks and travelers who prefer to have their own space and move at even much slower pace. These are the only tourists who visit Jomtien Beach instead. There are sea activities like paragliding, speedboat rides, etc but not as many as Pattaya Beach. 

If ever, sparingly passing vehicles are the only noises that disturb the tranquility of your leisure beach day.

I have visited Pattaya several times. When I brought my parents over a few years back, we stayed at Jomtien Beach instead of Pattaya Beach. On my personal holiday trips, I have stayed at both Pattaya Beach and Jomtien Beach. But even when I stayed at Pattaya Beach, I made it a point to take the 20 Baht tut-tut from Pattaya Beach to Jomtien Beach to laze on the beach. I prefer to laze on Jomtien Beach instead of Pattaya Beach for its tranquility, peace and quiet.

Beautiful Jomtien Beach - no speedboats, no island hoppers and much less paragliding activities.
I love the sand. At Jomtien Beach, I feel that I can take my own sweet time to walk on the beach, to ponder upon life, to think.
The sand and my footprints. A photo taken with GoPro HERO 5 Black action camera.


I think the beach business at Jomtien Beach is not very good. It's about 10% or even less of the tourist volume at Pattaya Beach. No wonder there are many empty beach chairs. 

As much as I love the hive of activity at Pattaya Beach, I still prefer to come to Jomtien Beach to lie down on the beach chair under umbrella, with some surrounding shaded trees for rest.

It's really peaceful here.

Walk along the beach and choose the best spot that you love. There are some areas with shaded trees. If you don't like the sun too much, you can then choose one of the beach chairs from the friendly operators. 

I would bring along a book to read if I were you. 

I would take a short nap under the sea breeze if I were you.

Even though Wifi is available for free, I would switch off smart phone and focus on the nature if I were you.

I would not even look at my watch if I were you.

You then will feel as if the time has frozen at that particular peaceful moment.

Just enjoy your rest with only the sounds of wave as music.
Empty beach chairs. Choose any color you love! Rest, read a book, take a nap!
Awesome peaceful beach! Time for a nap on the beach chair....


After waking up from a nap or reading your favorite book, you can then dip into the clear sea water for a good swim. 

If you want, you can also have youI r sun bathing session, either on the beach chair (you may ask the operator to remove the umbrella for you), or on the sandy beach with a beach towel. Just remember to put on sun block lotion!

If you are hungry, you can enjoy the seafood snacks sold by wandering vendors going from beach chairs to beach chairs.

If you want to enjoy a good Thai meal, just ask the beach chair operator to bring you food menu. Most of them would have worked or collaborated with the fine restaurants close by to serve travelers authentic Thai and even Western food at reasonable price. In my last few trips, I ordered Thai fried rice, pan fried flat noodles, and papaya salad before. The price was very reasonable and the food certainly was yummy! Imagine - relaxingly enjoying your Thai food on the beach! How beautiful life is!

And of course, you crunch your thirst, feel free to order any types of drinks - coca cola, fruit juice, coconut water or even beer. 

I must say that drinking fresh coconut water from the freshly cut coconut is something you must not miss!! It's so refreshing to drink the cool sweet coconut water on the beach under hot weather!

Oh - talking about beer. I don't usually drink. But at such nice Jomtien beach and at such relaxation state, a beer would do no harm. And what more to drink authentic Thai beer produced in Thailand? :)

If you want to choose an authentic Thai beer, Chang is far and away the best bargain for your buck. Besides Chang beer, you have other local beers to try as well. They are Singha beer, Kloster beer, Archa beer, Leo Super beer, Phuket Lager Beer. Personally, I have only tried Chang beer, Singha beer and Leo Super beer. These are the most popular Thai beers. 

Leo Super Thai bear, an authentic Thai beer that's on the sweet side.

Life's a beach at Jomtien Beach

There are other unique attractions such as world-renowned botanical gardens, exciting water parks and rich cultural and religious sites. Close by not far from Jomtien Beach, there is also my favorite factory outlet where I can buy branded sporting goods and other branded clothing lines. There's also a very nice and big night market with many local street vendors next to the factory outlet. 

But honestly speaking, the 6-km straight stretch of sandy Jomtien Beach is the main attraction for me. 

Life is really a beach at Jomtien Beach. It gives me the peace and quiet that I need. It gives me time to be alone. It gives me time to reflect on life and relax. 

This is what I call a relaxing holiday!

Cheers to Jomtien Beach!

Pictures: all taken with GoPro HERO5 Black action camera.

Written by Vincent Khor on August 16, 2017.


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