Motorex Bike Cleaning Kit Review

I'm not a very good mechanical person.  I usually just rinse my HASA road bike with water then wipe with a piece of dry cloth after each ride. I have not sent my HASA road bike for maintenance service thus far since I bought it in June 2016 either. Pretty bad cyclist, huh? :)

Thanks to a great friend who gave me Motorex Bike Cleaning Kit recently. It's allowed me to have DIY professional bike care at home.

The Motorex bike cleaning kit comes complete with:
  1. Motorex Bike Clean  500 ml
  2. Motorex Easy Clean  500 ml
  3. Motorex Dry Lube  100 ml
  4. Sponge
  5. Drying Towel

I have used the bike cleaning kit several times especially for the chain and parts. In view of a triathlon event I will participate in November 2017, it's even more crucial to ensure my HASA road bike is in tip top condition with DIY professional bike care at home. After several usage, I have found Motorex Bike Cleaning kit to be quite easy to use - even for a bike idiot like me! ha!ha! Most importantly, it's very effective in keeping my HASA road bike in good condition.

Motorex Bike Cleaning Kit

1. Motorex Bike Clean

  • Bicycle cleaner, spray - wash with water
  • Removes all types of dirt
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Biodegradable


Remove larger clumps of dirt. Spray on Motorex Bike Clean. Allow to soak in (max. 5 min) and spray off with water or wash off thoroughly with sponge. You can have follow-up treatment with Motorex Bike Grease and Motorex Bike Shine.

2. Motorex Easy Clean

  • Degreaser for chains, sprockets, etc
  • Highly effective against oily, greasy dirt
  • Dries residue-free
  • Non-corrosive
  • Penetrates into smallest spaces
  • Biodegradable


Spray cleaner onto chain or changer. Allow to soak in briefly and work in with brush if necessary. Allow to drip off. Spray again and allow to dray. Lubricate with Motorex Dry Lube or Motorex Wet Lube.

3. Motorex Dry Lube

  • Chain lubricant for dry dusty conditions
  • Wax/oil formulation
  • Good dust and dirt repellent
  • Optimized gear-changing
  • Maximum protection against corrosion and wear
  • Biodegradable


Shake first. Then operate cleaned and dried chain while applying Motorex Dry Lube.

For more product information, you can visit Motorex's official website by clicking here

Written by Vincent Khor on September 11, 2017


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