Kundang 51 km cycling ride

RnR area along Guthrie Corridor Expressway
With only four more days to go for Putrajaya Perdana Triathlon 2017 to be held on 22 Oct, I finally managed to squeeze in a 51km cycling ride on Deepavali morning (18 Oct).

This is what I called last minute bike training! 

The last cycling ride longer than 30km was about six months ago. My HASA bike is collecting dust at home! 

I really want to thank my friend SS for allowing me to tag along with her and her two friends for the morning ride from Bukit Jelutong to Kundang via Gurthrie Corridor Expressway (GCE)'s bike lane.

It was a fun morning ride, putting my thigh muscle into work after such a long time while enjoying the beautiful scenery along GCE.

So happy to have know two new friends via SS. 

What made this ride different was that it was my first time ever to ride to a small town called Kundang. It was also my first time to have a meal stopover (at Kundang) in a cycling ride. :)

Kundang Town

Small town that captures my heart for its simplicity

Kundang is located approximately 17 km from Rawang and 33 km north-west of Kuala Lumpur. From where we started off cycling at Mydin, Bukit Jelutong, the distance to Kundang town is exactly 25 km one way.

My friends took me to this place in Kundang with some Chinese coffee shops and morning market. This small town is very nice! I love its kampung feel and simplicity! It reminded me of the time when I grew up in Langkawi, also a small town then.

To my surprise, I saw many cyclists there as well. I was told that cyclists love to stop by there to have their "midway" carbo loading before heading back.

What's nice? 

I was recommended by my friends to try out dried wonton noodle!

A very popular coffee shop serving wonton noodle soup. You can see other cyclists eating there as well.
The dried wonton noodle was really fresh and delicious! It tasted especially good after a 25 km ride. I love the soup too which was a bit different from other wonton soup sold in KL with its mint leaves. Refreshing indeed!

Honestly speaking, I am not used to eating something so solid (like a bowl of noodle) in the middle of cycling or running. Something light is okay. 

But a bowl of noodle after only 25 km ride? And later to ride back with full stomach? I wonder if I could still move my legs after the noodle! lol!

Haha! I guess this is what sport enthusiasts in Malaysia love the most - run to eat or ride to eat!! 
Waiting for our dried wonton noodle!
I really enjoyed the company of my friend and two new friends. It's really nice of them to bring me to explore this new place!

After we had our noodles, we then cycled all the way back to Mydin at Bukit Jelutong, totally 51 km in distance for our Deepavali morning ride!!

I was glad I went for the ride to familiarise myself on my bike after such a long time. Otherwise, I was rather worried about 22 October's cycling of 20 km. 

My thighs were sore but the wonton noodle had made up for it and put a grin on my face! :)

I look forward to the next ride to this little friendly town Kundang again!

Words. : Vincent Khor
Pictures: Vincent Khor with Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.
Date     : Oct 21, 2017


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