Tokyo Marathon 2018, finally here I come!

Here I'm waiting (for 5 years) ...

I applied for Tokyo Marathon 2014 in August 2013. I was not accepted for participation.

I applied again for Tokyo Marathon 2015 in August 2014. I was again not accepted for participation.

Not giving up, I applied again for Tokyo Marathon 2016 in August 2015. I was again not accepted for participation.

Not willing to give up so easily, I applied for the fourth time for Tokyo Marathon 2017 in August 2016. Again and again and again, I was not accepted for participation.

So so sad.... sob sob! Four years in a row I have been rejected. I was on the verge of jumping into Klang River in Kuala Lumpur. 

But I'm a stubborn runner. I tried again to apply for Tokyo Marathon 2018 on August 1, 2017 for the fifth time. The ballot result was to be announced on September 25, 2017.

Ballot result... (drum rolls)

After 56 days of agonising and torturing wait, the ballot result was to be announced on September 25, 2017.

On the early morning of September 25, my heart was pumping hard. I was very anxious.

You see - Tokyo Marathon 2018's ballot result was supposed to be out and all registrants were to be informed via email notification on the very day - September 25.

After 5 years of long-suffering wait, would I be rejected again for the fifth time since by now I'm pretty much used to rejections - receiving the "not accepted for participation" email already?


I could be blessed this round because I've just turned 50 on September 22 and God wants to give me a very meaningful birthday present? 

Could my prayer be answered?

You've got mail...

I have friends updating me early morning that they have received email notifications that they were not accepted. Sob sob! 

I also saw Facebook posts by running friends who wrote on their posts and comments the words, "Not accepted!", "Failed", "Rejected".

It made me even more anxious. 

I kept hitting the refresh button on my email so many many times. To my disappointment, I didn't receive any email notification about my application status yet. 

I consoled myself, "No news is good news!" 

May be I still have a chance... a little hope!

By lunch hour, the long-awaited email notification from Tokyo Marathon organiser has finally arrived at my mailbox. 

I pray hard before I read it.


Lo and behold...

I read it several times to ensure I read it correctly,
"Congratulations! You have been accepted for participation!"

Yohoo! I finally have been accepted after five years of trying!

I was so elated and excited about the opportunity to run at Tokyo Marathon 2018 to be held on February 25, 2018.

The chance of being accepted for participation is around 10% only. It's like striking a million dollar lottery for me when I received the good news! I must be a crazy runner! 

Tokyo Marathon 2018, here I come finally!

I quickly made payment to ensure my participation is confirmed. haha! 

With the registration fee of 12,800 Japanese Yen, it's close to 500 Malaysian Ringgit. In fact, Tokyo Marathon 2018 is the most expensive full marathon I have ever registered!!

But hey - after 5 years of long-wait, it's well worth it! I will starve myself one meal a day from now onwards to February 2018 to save up enough money for my first trip ever to Japan! Lol!

My prayer has been answered! 

I really thank God for this meaningful 50th birthday present to run at Tokyo Marathon 2018! 

I can't wait for the experience....

Tokyo Marathon 2018, finally here I come!

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Written by Vincent Khor on October 2, 2017.


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