Tokyo Marathon Cheers Song for Runners

Kakenukeru Ai no Uta: Hajimarino Day by Day
(Song of Overwhelming Love: The Beginning of Day by Day)

This is a motivational song for runners with music and lyrics written by a Japanese rock band T-Bolan's vocal, Arashi Moritomo 

As part of the 10th Anniversary Project for Tokyo Marathon 2016, this "Song of Overwhelming Love: The beginning of Day by Day" was based on words of encouragement from members of ONE TOKYO and the many stories related to the Tokyo Marathon.

Runners, volunteers, and supporters all sang the song together at the Tokyo Marathon After-Run Thanks Party.

It has become Tokyo Marathon's theme song ever since. 

Even though I don't speak or write Japanese, as a passionate runner and traveler who looks forward to  his first ever trip to Japan, I'm fully motivated and boosted by this Tokyo Marathon cheers song for runner.

I can't wait to hear this cheer song for runners on Tokyo Marathon 2018's actual day or expo itself in February 2018. 👌😊

Written by Vincent Khor on October 17, 2017


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