Running at KLCC Park next to Petronas Twin Tower and KLCC Suria Shopping Centre

Inspirational Quote: "Today I will love myself enough to exercise"
Whenever I have visiting friends or colleagues from overseas, I would bring them to visit Petronas Twin Towers, KLCC Suria shopping centre and KLCC Park. These are iconic landmarks of Malaysia and I don't want travellers and visitors to Malaysia to miss it! :)

KLCC Park with majestic Petronas Twin Tower as background

Running at KLCC Park

A very nice place to run especially in the early mornings with less people!
Many tourists and travellers staying in KL vicinity area love to jog and run at KLCC Park as well. Who says we can't combine exercise into our travel, especially after all the delicious local food? haha! 😃

It's also a very popular jogging, running and exercise venue for many Kuala Lumpur folks and those working in KLCC Park vicinity, be it in the mornings before work or after work, or during weekends. Few running groups love to hold their weekend running there.

I run there several times. During my last run there, I managed to snap some photos of KLCC Park for sharing here. It was a misty, drizzling morning so the photos might not be so clear. But I hope you still have envision how beautiful KLCC park is! 🙏

running track and footpath

For running and jogging, there is a 1.3m long jogging synthetic track per loop. 


1.3m long jogging track per loop with EPDM, a special rubberised material for comfort and safety. 

Rest areas

Rest areas are provided along interconnecting footpaths and numbered on the local map.

Water Fountains

Water fountains with clean water are provided along the interconnecting footpaths so that you don't need to worry about being thirsty when running!

Water fountains for the sports enthusiasts

Best time to run:

Mornings after 7:00 am or evenings after 6:00 pm.

Opening Hours:

KLCC Park opens from 7:00 am until 10:00 pm daily.

KLCC Park's other features and facilities 

Besides the 1.3m nice jogging track, you can also find many facilities at beautiful KLCC Park next to KLCC Suria Shopping Centre, making it a very popular place for all.

Let's get to know KLCC Park a little bit more:
  • Created in 1998
  • 50-acre garden set close to KLCC Suria shopping centre
  • A touch of greenery for Petronas Twin Towers and areas surrounding it
  • 10,000 sqm man-made lake (Lake Symphony) with 43m bridge that cuts across
  • Lake Symphony has water fountains shooting up to a height of 42m
  • 1,900 indigenous trees from 74 species 
  • various waterfalls, fountains, cascade and reflecting pools
  • two-acre children's playground
  • shelters and benches
  • public children's swimming pool

Reflecting pools, greenery, trees, children's swimming pool, etc
Beautiful Petronas Twin Tower and KLCC Suria Shopping Centre

Enjoy KLCC Park!

Whether you are a visiting tourist or traveler, or a local in search of a nice park to run or jog, or just to walk, KLCC Park is one of the top choices!

And if you are staying at Bukit Bintang or KL CBD area, KLCC Park is just a mere walking distance away from many hotels and condos.

How to get to KLCC Park


You may look up the google map by clicking here. 

Meeting new friends and joining the local runners

There is a very popular running group called KLCC Runners Group who meets and runs there regularly.

Do check out their Facebook page for their latest activities that you can join! Whether you are a visitor, traveler or local runner, you are most welcome to join them to make KLCC Park your playground! 😀

KLCC Runners Group:

One of the regular running groups at KLCC Park: KLCC Runners Group

Extension to KLCC Park running

If you want to have longer run and witness the the beautiful landscape of KL, you can join KL Car Free Morning held every first and third Sunday of the month with road closure.

From 7.00 am to 9.00 am, you can cycle, walk, run, skateboard, etc for a distance of 6.5km per loop enjoying the Kuala Lumpur skyscrapers! Find out more from previous article I wrote by clicking here.

Inspirational Quote.  Today I will love myself enough to exercise.

Words.                       Vincent Khor
Date.                         14 January 2018



  1. Although the official opening time is 7am, often you will see people from 6am.

    1. Allan - thank you very much for your input. 6am - this should be good news for early risers. Appreciate it very much!