Hulu Langat Batu 18 to Perez to Titi : 90km Cycling Ride

I had a great wonderful opportunity to join my friends to cycle from Hulu Langat Batu 18's Police Station to Pekan Titi and return, passing through Perez, the peak, for the very first time in December 2017. It was a 90 km bike ride with maximum elevation of 512 m registered on my Garmin Vivoactive GPS watch. In fact, it was also a cross-state cycling, from Selangor to Negeri Sembilan and back. The border is the Perez Hill peak. :) 

We stopped at Pekan Titi for some delicious noodles and kuih before we made a u turn back. The whole 90km cycling ride took us about seven (7 hours), including stops and lunch stop at Pekan Titi.

It was an unforgettable experience for me because I had the scare of my life going down the long steep slopes. It was fun but scary at the same time. I had to really focus. I practically braked all the time while my friends just zoomed passed me riding on the wind going downhill. Since my traumatic cycling experience when small almost getting myself into an accident, I have been very cautious of downhill. 

As for going uphill, it was really a challenge. Several times, I wanted to give up and come down from my bike to push. With elevation of 512 m and some really steep slope, I had to use every ounce of my energy to pedal. haha! It was also my first 90 km ride of 2017, meaning not much training before that.  No wonder I felt so so tired and exhausted. 

During one of the uphill sessions, my bike chain came off because I changed my gear too fast. Great thanks to Marcus, an awesome kind helpful friend who helped me to put the bike chain back on. Otherwise, I really didn't know how I would manage to come back to starting point Hulu Langat Batu 18. When that happened, it was during the returning leg going uphill to Perez.

I had a wonderful time! It has been 1.5 month now but until today I still have the suntan marks on my arms. lol! Cycling under the hot sun on the way back surely put a suntan mark on us! Luckily the weather was great, slightly overcast from rain the night before, giving us very nice fresh cool air during the first 45km ride. After that the sun was rather hot, but still cooler than other days.

I don't know when I will visit the same route again because as much as I really enjoy the route, I still have phobia of going downhill! May be I prefer to run and walk downhill and uphill with my legs than with my bicycle! haha! 

Anyway, I'm sure I will go and cycle there again with Desaru 113 Half Ironman Triathlon Distance event in May 2018. I lack training on cycling and swimming. This 90 km seems to be perfect for some hardcore training - the distance, the hills, and the sun! 

For those who enjoy cycling, you don't want to miss out this route! It's very popular among cyclists! You can go with any of your cycling friends! Have a safe ride yeah, especially downhill!

Here is to share with you some photos taken during my first 90 km ride of 2017 and first ride at Hulu Langat Batu 18 to Pekan Titi.


Google Map Location : Hulu Langat Batu 18 to Titi

Location map - lots of hills, greens, monkeys, and wild dogs

Hulu Langat Batu 18 to Perez to Titi: 45km

My Garmin Vivoactive watch registered 510m in elevation. Perez Hill is the peak.
Our first stop from Hulu Langat Batu 18 to here - Perez. After this, it would be Negeri Sembilan.
We were taking a rest at Perez  Hill before we continued our cycling journey to Pekan Titi for early lunch.

Yay! A bunch of lovely, friendly, helpful, wonderful friends! Thank you all for giving me such a wonderful cycling experience!
Some candid shots!! Fun group! love it!

Say cheese!
2nd stop - after the downhill from Perez Hill. From here to Pekan Titi, it will be flat route! Phew! What a great relief! lol!
Yay! We were only 1 km away from Pekan Titi now. We just needed to make one right turn in front and we were in Pekan Titi.

Titi Town

Cycled into the nice little Pekan Titi

This coffee shop sells very nice noodle soup, packed with people

We ate at another coffee shop with less people. The noodles were superb! May be because we were all super hungry! lol!

Mural art at one of the walls at Pekan Titi near coffee shop
Mural art at one of the walls at Pekan Titi near coffee shop

Mural art at one of the walls at Pekan Titi near coffee shop

Titi to Perez to Hulu Langat Batu 18 - 45km

The retuning leg registered 512 m in elevation.

We were waiting for the rest to reach Perez Hill. 

I just love this shot! All happy happy!

Terima Kasih. Sila Datang Lagi!! haha! That means I need to visit this 90km cycling route soon again!! 

Words.   Vincent Khor
Date.      16 February 2018
Photos.   Vincent Khor


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