3rd Sub 4 @ Kuching Marathon 2015

3rd FM this year. 3rd sub 4, and best sub 4 time so far clocking at net time of 3:57:27. Couldn't have asked for anything more. In cloud 9 of beautiful Kuching sky. Hehe! 

1st time in Kuching as visitor. Lovely relaxing clean beautiful city with friendly warm smiling people with richness in tribal culture and nice food. Truly impressed! Remind me of a mixture of less crowded Melaka combined with the laid back of Chiang Mai.

Meow Meow City.. this Cat statue wears
 Kuching Marathon Running Tee.. 
So cool!

Meow Meow City... 

Race wise.. very well organised. A running event by runners for runners. Nice 42km route bringing us pass through kampong and city and bridges and river..with flat and hilly bridges.. plenty of water stations, 2 power gels and banana. And how could I ever forget the thunderous cheerful cheerleaders shouting and cheering us on....

And yes... the top 200 finisher t shirt.... what a treasure! Lovely design serving as encouragement for some of us.. and the meow meow finisher medal! So so so "catly" awesome! Haha!

Thank you Kuching Marathon organizer for making Kuching one of my 2 most favorite FM in Malaysia. 

In fact I would rate it same rank as SCKLM with the wonderful kampung feel.. a bit like Langkawi ocean Marathon.
Will I come back again next year? You bet! smile emoticon In fact I would encourage all runners to support this Kuching Marathon in future. Truly refreshing and awesome experience!


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