Bitter Gourd Rice Noodle Soup for MYR 5.50

Many people don't like bitter taste! How about you?

I have not heard of such term as "bitter tooth", but rather it is very common for people to have "sweet tooth". :)

I like all tastes - the key is how the food is prepared.

I was doing survey on any price hike after GST implementation at SS2 hawker center last Saturday. There were some stalls with original price of RM6 becoming RM7.  But I then noticed 1 stall No 26 selling Bitter Gourd Rice Noodle Soup for only RM5.50. And since I haven't tried such noodle soup before, I thouht of giving it a try. It's also my way of encouraging the owner for not simply raising the price.

The bitter gourd rice noodle soup was simply delicious and yummy! It was also a healthy dish. I loved so much.

As you can see from the picture, the bitter gourd rice noodle (meehoon) soup had generous portions of bitter gourdtomatotofuminced pork mixed with meehoon. I wasn't too sure about the soup base but I suspect it was the pork rib soup base.

I find it very interesting that the stall owner mixed tomato with bitter gourd to create the mixed taste of bitterness, sourness, and sweetness. The tofu beancurd with rich protein had given the dish a smooth nice taste as it absorbed both the bitter gourd and tomato tastes into it.

Later I discovered that bitter gourd has so many health benefits. It helps to:
  • Lower blood sugar through increased metabolism of glucose
  • Lower cholesterol levels; hence reducing risks of heart attack, heart disease and stroke.
  • Prevent cancer with it's rich anti-cancer properties which disrupt the producting of glucose
  • Smoothen the skin with its blood purifying agent
  • Lose weight since it has very low calories and very filling
  • Build immune system by fending off potential infections and diseases
Bitter gourd can even help to break down kidney stones if you have one!! Amazing!
Really - with only RM5.50 for a bowl of such healthy soup, I couldn't help but to return the bowls & chopsticks back to the stall owner after the meal and say "thank you".

If you want to try out, it's located at SS2 hawker center Stall no. 26. Highly recommended if you like bitter taste and opt for healthy food!  (My apology for the blurred photo!)


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