Do you fart when running?

I'm not sure if you have experienced it, but I have encountered 3 unforgettable farting experiences during run:

1st Farting Experience - female runner behind me
When I was running at one of the local races on a Sunday morning, my stomach suddenly felt very uncomfortable with lots of gas. I believe it was due to the fusion dinner I had the night before.

See - I like to eat garlic. And if I eat chicken rice, or any dishes with rice with vegetables, I like to add lots of fresh garlic into soy sauce so that I can dip the dishes into the soy cause. So on that particulat night, I totally forgot about the run next day. I dipped the vegetables and fish in the soy sauce with lots of garlic.

So what happened was that during that particular run, I tried my best not to run with other runners-  giving space in between just in case I farted and some runners close by might have fainted.

Anyway, I managed to control my fart as much as possible. Or even if I farted, I would have made the fart as silent as possible. Unfortunately, not all the time  I could control the "volume" of my fart. So this particular time when I thought it would have been a silent fart, it turned out to be very loud fart - with a female runner right behind me!!

I was so embarrassed by the incident! And I felt shy to say sorry to her. So I quickly made a quick loud long cough trying to cover up the sound of my fart, and then I ran quickly forward to keep a distance from her in case I got scolded!

2nd Farting Experience - behind a male farting runner
This happened during one of the Suunday LSD at Publica area. There was a male runner running steady and consistent on the slope up towards the condo area. I was actually quite a far distance away from him.

It so happened that I was learning to run hills on that day.  I was focusing very much on my cadence, my form and every step that I took when running up the gradual up hill. I was so focused on my training looking at my feet that I didnt really pay attention to the front.  My speed caught up with the male runner and I almost literally bumped into his back. Thank goodness he farted! Very loud fart! And it stinked so badly that I had to hold my breath and quickly overtook hm. I guess he didn't realise that I was right behind him.

3rd Farting Experience - 2 male runners literally farted on my face
This experience is the funniest of all. It happened during Newton Challenge 2013 - the 25km category. I remember vividly it was still dark, and we were running about 10 km and reaching Puncak Jalil Ammah Hill area.

At that time, no big group runners - just a few runners running at their own pace towards Puncak Jalil area. And as usual, I was also running at my own pace. Then I saw this guy overtaking me on the right. As he was running pass me, he farted loudly through his compression shorts. He pretended nothing happened and just sped up leaving me behind.

It must be my natural reaction - I quickly ran to the left when he farted trying to avoid it as much as possible. Little did I know that I ended up running close to another male runner on the left of me. And within the space of less than 1 minute, this male runner on the left farted!!

Can you imagine - 2 male runners farted almost at the same time and I was caught in between? It must be the most rediculous experience. 2 years later, I still remember the face of male runner #1 who farted. haha!


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