Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon 2013 - 1 min improvement with bruised toes and tanned line!

FM Result (Net time): 4hr37min (PB). Happy with the hard-earned 1 min improvement from my first FM at SCKLM2012. :) 

Tough race, scorching hot sun, legs cramped several times, and worst was that my socks and shoes were all wet from super indulgence in water sponges causing my foot so tight from 30km onwards. As a result, bruised toe to take home as battle mark. haha!  Tanned line was another battle mark - from running and photo shooting under hot sun. How I wish it was a much cooler day today. 

A big big thank you to IM Henry Wong​ - for giving me very helpful running tips and allowing me to pace him. As much as I was happy about my time improvement, I was even happier because I got a chance to learn and apply the running strategies, tips and advice from Ironman. This will help me in future runs.
Sifu Henry Wong

Event date 2013.09.29
Written on 2015.09.22


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