Chinwoo Biathlon 2011.12.11 - The My First Swim-Run Biathlon

I love this shot! Underwater shot! Wow! Never seen myself under water swimming before!

My First Biathlon

It's such an unforgettable experience to swim 800m & run 7km at my first biathlon @ Chinwoo Biathlon 2011. It was very tough to swim and run. Gotta put in so much effort just to get this first medal in biathlon. The finisher's medal has become the hardest earned medal for me so far!! Despite being very tired, I enjoyed it very very much and I was very very happy. 

Great thanks to SBSP gang and friends for being so supportive. You guys and gals are awesome!!

Thanks to all photographers - Ng Yen Kar, Khoo, Daryl Wong, Tey Eng Tiong, Jason Thai, Ooi and Leonard for helping to make this one of the most memorable experience for me!!

So now I guess I can officially join the "biathlon" club and call myself Biathlete! haha!

Waiting nervously
1st time body marking! Excited!


I swam a bit too fast in beginning, then slowed down lots! :)

Finished the swim - transition to 7km run

thank you to all the running friends for the support

thank you to all the running friends for the support

Event date: 2011.12.11


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