2nd cycling experience in Taiwan at Sun Moon Lake - a round-the-lake 48-km leisure unforgettable ride

I am trying to recall my memory back to December 2013 - my 2nd cycling experience in Taiwan. First cycling experience was at Hualian (花莲 )in 2011. And for the 2nd time, it was the 48 km cycling around the beautiful Sun Moon Lake ( 日月潭).

Taiwan has always been one of my favourite travel destinations. The main reasons are the warm hospitality of the people, the richness of culture, delicious food that suits my taste bud, and the many beautiful places from bustling city to sheep farms, to national parks, to beautiful lakes and beaches.

I stayed for 2 nights at a homestay at Sun Moon Lake. The owner of the homestay was very warm and hospitable. She was the one to introduce me to leisure cyling around Sun Moon Lake (about 48 km ride)  as a way to explore the beautiful lake and surroundings. And the bike rental shops were aplenty. I rented from a shop just few doors down.

It was drizzling and cool. And it was my longest ride on a bicycle ever in my whole life. In view of the fact that I would be running full marathon (Fubon Taipei Marathon) in 4 days' time, I was so worried that I might not be able to complete the whole lake.
Rented bike. Drizzling and cool. It's a small windy road with many hills.
But all the cars and buses were very accommodating and slowing
down when they saw cyclists.

Well - I didnt regret a bit to use bicycle to explore Sun Moon Lake. We were cycling uphills, downhills, passing through trees smelling the fresh air, stopping at various tourist spots along the way, having breathtaking views of the lake from atop, passing by locals having canoing lessons at the Lake, passing through the town with many nice shops. The experience was just simply unforgettable!

I guess it's one of the reasons why I love Taiwan so much!! 

This is the Lake Map. For more info, do visit Sun Moon Lake's official website.

If you are interested in experiencing what I have experienced, you may visit their official website: http://www.sunmoonlake.gov.tw/  for more info. What I can say is this - a visit to Sun Moon Lake will not be complete if you don't rent a bike to slowly explore what the nature has to offer!! So - enjoy the cycling experience!! Best time to visit will probably be during autumn or winter time when the weather is much cooler!! 

Oh by the way - the homestay owner also told us that Sun Moon Lake would be organising full marathons in future too. I guess it would be very hilly routes  - but hey - it would be another great way to explore the Lake. This gives me another reason to visit Sun Moon Lake in near future! haha!

Travel date 2012.12.13
Written on 2015.09.22


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