Running, singing and dancing in the rain for the whole 42 kilometers @ Taipei Fubon Marathon 2013

My mission 2013 was finally accomplished by achieving sub 4:30 (net time 4:29:52) for the 1st time at my 1st overseas FM at Taipei Fubon Marathon 2013 with Skechers GoRun 3 shoe. 

I was truly at cloud 9 - super thrilled with the result despite still 37 sec short of equaling Oprah Winfrey's time of 4:29:15 set at Chicago Marathon 1994. Well, a sub 4:30 is a sub 4:30 and it has been my dream to dip below it since running my 1st FM at Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon in 2012. Glad to have achieved it at my 5th FM attempt. :)

My target sub 4:30 to beat Oprah Winfrey's time.

Finally I beat Oprah Winfrey! Truly in cloud 9!

Running (singing amd dancing) in the rain for the whole 42 km journey

It was not an easy race, but few great 1st time experiences:

  • 1st time to run a full marathon in the rain for the whole 42 km
  • 1st time to run a full marathon overseas (and at cool weather 19 deg Celsius)
  • 1st time to participate in a race with flag-off for half and full marathon together (human traffic jam!)
  • 1st time to have received a hot delicious pack of chicken rice lunch box after finishing the race
  • 1st time to dip below 4:30 even though still 37 sec off Oprah Winfrey's record
  • 1st time to see some stations serving fried tofu, chocolate biscuits for runners instead of power gel.
Just a little description about the race... 

It was truly a huge human traffic jam for the first 8 km with total of 22,000 runners (7,000 FM runner and 15k HM runners) starting at same time. 

I ran in the rain soaking wet for the whole 42 km distance at 19-degree-Celsius windy and rainy weather. 

I wore RM5 rain coat I bought at Denso to run for the 1st 7 km. Then I took it off to continue to run in the rain.

For the last 8 km or so I was running against very strong wind under heavy rain. 

Runners in Taiwan are all very fast runners - no one seemed to walk during the 42 km, except stopping at water stations or stretching under the bridge. So I was under pressure not to walk but to continue running in the heavy rain. I wanted to give up the 4:30 target when I saw the escalated way to expressway at 38 km mark before a tunnel. But I decided to be mind over matter - and pressed on

It's a very tough run for me due to the rain and wet shoe and unfamiliar ground. Had worst chaffing too at my thigh. But all paid up at the end. 

I loved the goodie bag at finish line - a huge towel and a pack of hot delicious chicken rice lunch box. It has demonstrated the warmth of Taiwanese people. 

Look at the chicken rice lunch box... still hot!! yum yum!!

Nice Adidas running vest, The medal design 
ain't that great but it's ok... :)

Warmth of Taiwanese people - the big towel on a cold day after race!

I love Taiwan!! I plan to go back again to run a different marathon in Taiwan in near future!

Event date 2013.12.15
Written on 2015.09.25


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