Carrying bicycle to run at triathlon?

Carrying bicycle to run

I was sharing with my colleague that I would be participating at my first ever triathlon event on 10 Oct. I also shared that I don't have a bicycle and I borrowed from 2 friends.

One is a Java small foldie bike and another is the normal size Ranger mountain bike.

And I didn't know which one to choose.

Left: Ranger Mountain Bike   
Right: Java foldie with smaller wheel

My friend who participated at last year's Port Dickson International Triathlon 2014's sprint distance told me that there were only 2 participants with the small foldie bike. She was one of them. She felt embarrased but later she decided to just enjoy the experience. I did ask her if she was the slowest in the cycling. she said, "No, I wasn't the slowest! the other one with the small foldie bike was slower than me!" ha! ha! She really made me laugh when she share that with me 2 weeks ago.

Because of that, I told my colleague that most probably I would choose the normal size Ranger mountain bike which is much heavier.

What she said really made me hold my laugh, "Would it be better for you to carry a lighter smaller bike to run?" :)

I looked at her and paused for a while - didnt know exactly what she meant. So I asked her, "What made you say that?"

She replied, "Don't you all carry your bicycle on your shoulder and run the distance? I saw it on TV" :)

She is so cute! And she made me laugh helping me to destress in office.   So I explained to her that participants don't carry bike to run but to park the bike at transition area.

Anyway, I love her for her humor! She also helped me to make decision on bringing the borrowed Ranger mountain bike instead of the Java foldie to my first triathlon event instead.

Keep my fingers and toes crossed that I don't have to carry my bicycle to run 5km to finish line on 10 Oct! :)


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