Itchy 1 more year to run Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2016 (unhealthy haze causing cancellation of SCKLM 2015)

Cancelled Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon 2015 due to unhealthy haze

On Oct 3, 2015, Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon 2015's organiser made a very tough decision to announce to all enthusiastic runners from all over the world, 

"The health and safety of all our runners remains our top priority. Since our last announcement, the haze has unfortunately reached unhealthy levels according to the latest monitored alert. Due to the rapidly deteriorating air quality and on the advice from the medical team, the Malaysian Athletics Federation (MAF), and Institut Sukan Negara, we regret to announce that the Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2015 will be cancelled."

If anything to blame, we shall blame it on the bad haze condition caused by uncontrollable wide spread wild fires in Indonesia. In fact the haze condition is the worst I have ever experienced in as many years as I can remember. And this year, many schools were closed too - i think at least twice, total 3 days so far. Not to mention many people getting sick and business and travels being affected (airports were closed). I sincerely hope that all government parties will put in more effort to ensure our air quality in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and southern Thailand doesn't deteriorate every year as the open burning of forest can be controlled if stricter rules are enforced.

Well, let's get back to sports - SCKLM 2015. :)

It's a very tough and unpopular decision to make, but the right decision. (Don't we need to make such decisions in life too? :))

I left my supporting comment at SCKLM facebook page to support them.

Was I disappointed? Definitely!

Just like many runners in Malaysia and some in the region, Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon (SCKLM) is an annual running event not to be missed. It's the most well organised, the best and most memorable running race for me. 

I ran my 1st half marathon 21 km at SCKLM 2011, my first full marathon 42km at SCKLM 2012 and subsequently 2 more full marathons at SCKLM 2013 and SCKLM 2014. . By right, SCKLM 2015 would have been my 5th year to participate at SCKLM. 

And many runners have prepared for 1 full year just for this event. I also know of some runners who only participate once a year in running races - and SCKLM is THE EVENT!

Anyway, I will patiently wait for another year to run at SCKLM 2016! My legs are itchy and my heart is yearning to soak in the fun-filled yet competitive running atmonphere at SCKLM. But I will let me itch continue - because I LOVE SCKLM! :)

Race Kit Collection

I walked from office to Dataran Merdeka on 1 Oct to collect race kits for myself and some friends. The haze condition was slightly better even though it wasn't at healthy level yet. I was praying for strong wind to blow the haze away and heavy rain to wash away the haze by 4 Oct Sunday.

Race Day (cancelled but festive and fun)

I went to collect finisher medal and finisher-tee at around 7 am. The haze was still at very unhealthy level. 

However, it turned out to be very festive and fun!! :)

Organisers were superb - all the necessary preparations for the race day were still set up despite the cancellation. And the race director, Rainer Biemans was with all the runners at every second. This I must solute for his relentless support to the running community.

There was a fun run.... . Can you see all the smiling faces as if just finished running a race? True runners!!

There was a marriage proposal......

There was FREE buffet breakfast...

And FREE foot massage as well

All in all - I believe it's due to the strong leadership of race director Rainer and his company Indigo Events Sdn Bhd that made to turn a crisis into a successful "cancelled" event!

And most of all - it's due to the kind understanding and strong support of all runners - not only from Malaysia but from all over the world - that made this cancelled event not to be forgotten. 

And I believe I am not the only one having itchy legs..... :) 

I believe many other enthusiastic runners also have itchy legs - eagerly waiting to participate in next year's SCKLM!! :)

So I pray that no haze next year, grant us clear blue sky, good cooling weather, and fresh quality air at SCKLM 2016! 

Wait a second... how about the finisher tee, finisher medal? :) haha! Did anyone forget?

Hey - Adidas sponsored!! Nice cool finisher tee and beautiful finisher medal. They all mean nothing since everyone achieved world record by completing in 0 hour 0 min 0 sec. :) But - still nice to wear the tee and wonderful to hand the finisher medal. I guess we just need to put "cancelled" mark over the "42km" printing. :) haha!

SEE YOU at SCKLM 2016! :)

Let's put on our running shoes and start preparing for SCKLM 2016! We love you and we also support you - SCKLM! 


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