4 steps to remove ugly, black and bruised toenails naturally

I shared about how to prevent or lessen chances of getting black and bruised toenails after running in my earlier post. But despite all the prevention we take and as long as we continue running long distances, the repetitive impact on the toenails will still be there. Sooner or later, we might still end up with the ugly signature toenails of long distance runners - black and bruised toenails. :) Of course, the chance of getting it is significantly reduced with half-size bigger shoe and proper lacing technique.

But - If you still get the black and bruised toenails, I would like to share with you how I treat mine!

Treatment for black and bruised toenails

What do I do usually? Nothing!! And let toenails heal naturally!

I know I know - it's ugly! And it's painful! :)

And we want to have our beautiful toenails back in no time so that we can wear sandals outside for comfort and shoe off our toes.

And we want to continue our training or join races without the irritation of having a painful black and bruised toenails which might affect our performances and speed.

From my early days of just starting running, some running friends advised me to poke my toenail with a needle to let the bleeding or blood clot underneath to come out.

I tried! And I didn't like it!

It gave more pain and could potentially cause infection if the needle wound not properly treated with anti-bacteria cream or something.

So I said to myself, "What the heck! Ugly has its own beauty. At least the black and bruised toenails also show that I am a runner!" Sort of self-comforting! lol!

So here is my natural treatment to my black and bruised toenails whenever I get one (hardly any - may be 1 time per year only on my 2nd toe of my left foot per year nowadays):

Step 1: More room and space for your black and bruised toe nails.

The bleeding or blood cot underneath the black and bruised toenails is painful enough. And we need to give some space and room for it to heal and harden. So the best thing to do is to try not to give more impact or pressure during this initial period - which might last for a couple of weeks.

Usually - I stop running for 1 week or so depending on how serious it's - giving it some time to heal naturally.

Step 2: Put an adhesive bandage to wrap around your black and bruised toenails when running

More colorful adhesive bandage - giving 
you more character and personality! :)

I usually will then wrap around my black and bruised toenail with adhesive bandage. I like the skin tone classic type but occasionally I would choose the colorful type - to brighten up my life and put a smile on my face whenever I look at my foot. haha!

Please make sure you don't wrap too tight until no blood circulation.

The purpose of the bandage is to hold the toenail that is still attached to the skin together. Nothing more than that.

Step 3: Wait for new toenails to grow underneath the black and bruised toenails
Be patient! Be patient! If you lose patient during this stage, you will create more pain for yourself. :)

Wait patiently for new toenails to grow underneath the black and bruised toenails.

The new toenail growth will also slowly push your black and bruised toenail forward and upward.

And no worries - you still can run as usual since you already have the colorful adhesive bandage to prevent any further impact on the toenails while allowing the new toe nails to grow underneath.

Cool? :)

Step 4: Slowly remove your black and bruised toenail right after warm shower or after soaking your foot in water 

This is the last step - which can be painful or pain free, depending on when you do this!

For me, I wait patiently (step 3) until the new toenails has grown until you can start to feel the old black toenails detaching from the toes.

You can play with the loose black toenails for sometime during your wait.

And when such day comes that black toenails are ready to depart from your body for good,  do it right after warm shower or after soaking your foot in warm water.


It's because the water will make the skin and toenails very soft - so that the peeling off process is painless and natural!

Here is how I peeled off mine.. :)

Removing my black and bruised toenail right after shower... 
when the nail is soft and easier to be peeled off. :)

Showing off my peeled off black and bruised toenails! 


Bye bye - old ugly black and bruised toenails!

Welcome the new beautiful, soft toenails! :)



  1. Vincent, i like the 3rd step. Wait patiently. Let it heal naturally :).

  2. yeah.. best way.. but slowest.. patience is the key! can't rush.. :)