Cameron Highlands Trail + Road Run 9.57km | Tanah Rata -> Hutan Lipur Parit Falls -> Brinchang Golf Course -> Tanah Rata

I took a short 3-day, 2-night break in Cameron Highlands last weekend and we stayed at Century Pines Resort at Tanah Rata. Century Pines Resort is my most favorite resorts to stay there especially with ageing parents. 

Even though I have been to Cameron Highlands many times, I have not been running there before. But this round, I have decided to run after seeing beautiful trail running tracks which included running inside the tea plantations. 

Unfortunately, I didn't manage to discover the same route. But instead, through the recommendations from the friendly hotel staff at Century Pines Resorts, I managed to discover new running route which is equally pleasant and nice!

Cameron Highlands has been raining cats and dogs during this monsoon season. Initially, I wanted to start my run at 615am in the morning but since I wasn't familiar with the place, I decided to start running around 11.30 am. 

The weather at 11.30 am was still very cool with warm sunlight. I was told by hotel staff to get back by 1pm as it usually would start raining.

So with my newly bought Adidas cap from SCKLM 2015, SCKLM 2015 running vest and my favourite SKECHERS GOrun 4 shoes, off I went discovering the unseen beautiful part of Cameron Highlands.

Tanah Rata's Century Pines Resort to Jalan Tengkolok to Century Pines Resort (2.5 km)

I wanted to run 20 km using the Jalan Tengkolok way up to Brinchang's gold course area before coming back using the Hutan Lipur Parit Fall trail. Unfortunately, as I ran up Jalan Tengkolok, I saw the construction of new condominiums destroying many forests and trees. And the road above was also covered with many sands preparing for the tar road. I was told that I could continue to run pass the sandy patch but I didn't realise it was a through road. Anyway, the construction sites and the destroying of trees made my eyes sore. I didn't come to Cameron Highlands to see all these. There are aplenty in Kuala Lumpur. So, I decided to make a u turn running back to Century Pines Resort. This whole distance was about 2.5 km.
Excited to run at no-car Jalan Tengkolok leading all the way
Strawberry Park and Golf Course area near Brinchang
I saw something which is very sore to my eyes -
housing development 
destroying the beautiful nature
of Cameron Highlands.
Century Pines Resort - Hutan Pipur Parit Falls (Trail) - Golf Resort near Brinchang (2.5 km)

I love this trail even though it's a bit short - only around 2.5 km.

Small little trail road; 
Stepping on the fresh grass and mud; 
Climbing up the stairs; 
Jumping over broken tree branches,
Running pass Parit Water Fall listening to the fresh sound of water; 
Standing on the hanging bridge across the river, 
Looking up to the big tall trees, 
Listening to the birds chirping and singing happy songs; 
Seeing wild mushrooms plucked by some friendly college students; and 
Smelling the fresh fresh morning cool air!!

Wow! The experience was so heavenly and refreshing!! The cool weather made it so so much nicer!! I think I'm going to fall in love with trail running! :)

There you go  - the trail entrance to Hutan Lipur Parit Falls.
 The trail is right along the river. Very small trail with 
mud since it has been raining lots in Cameron Highlands. 
But no complaints!! I love it for the wonderful experience!

Wow! Such a healthy looking trees growing up so straight!

Me and my SKECHERS GOrun 4 shoes - 
going through the trail. Yohoo! Feel like a Tarzan!

the muddy trail due to daily rain... I had lots 
of fun running through it though!

Capturing my happy moment deep inside the Hutan Lipur Parit Halls!

The water flowing down from the waterfalls

he trail has few faces - mud, brick roads, stair cases, etc

Tired already after the climb! Sat down for a 
short break admiring the beauty of nature!

Who are they? I bumped into some college students
looking for wild mushrooms.

End of Hutan Pipur Parit Falls (Trail) - Golf Resort - Main road junction (1 km)

The moment I came out of the trail, I started to miss the trees, jungles, the woods and fresh air and the silence and smell of trees and plants.

But what was ahead of me was a beautiful gold course view. 

There are 2 ways to go back to Tanah Rata from here. 

Shorter distance would be to run on the LEFT side of the golf course (meaning you should see the gold course on your right hand as you run). 

The longer distance would be to run to the RIGHT of the golf course (meaning you should be seeing Gold course on your left hand side as you run).

Well - I decided to take the longer route - about 1 km along beautiful golf course until I reached the main road junction back to Tahan Rata.

Nice pavement to run! And of course I stopped to take a few pictures. :)

Nice golf course!

Nice pavement to run! 

T junction. To the right would be to Brinchang. 
I would turn left heading back to Tanah Rata.

Main road junction - Century Pines Resort, Tahan Rata (3.6 km)

Oh no - as I reached the main road, the sky was very dark, and it started to drizzle! I quickly snapped a few photos and started to run fast in case it rained!

I thought I was fast - but I guess Cameron Highlands would like me to have different experiences running here for the first time.  :) Nature decided to rain!! Heavy downpour indeed! haha!

For a short moment, I thought of looking for shelter until the rain stopped. But I heard from the hotel staff that the rain would be cats and dogs and continuously until following morning. So I decided to continue running in the rain!!

Surprise surprise - I actually loved running in the rain!! 

It was so cooling, refreshing, stepping on water splashing up to my feet; with my body soaking wet, my glasses tainted with rain drops (with there was a glass wiper like a car windshield wiper.. haha!). 

Some people thought I was crazy and looking at me. But I didn't care and I continued my run. In my heart, I was singing happily! In my mind, I felt so free! 

So the whole 3.5km run was indeed a great experience and the fastest speed compared to the trail runs earlier.
Running back to Tanah Rata's Century Pines Resort 
through the nice pavement at main road 

Total Distance: 9.57 km

I finally reached hotel but soaking wet already. Nonetheless, I was a very happy soul! The only regret was that my running shoes and gear were all wet. And they were not dry in time for me to run another trail run at tea plantation the following morning. Well, I shall run the tea plantation in my next trip then.
Soaking wet after reaching hotel - but I was a happy soul!! :)


See you again soon, Cameron Highlands

After the trail running today, I realised that Cameron Highlands still has so much to offer, especially for nature lovers and sports enthusiasts.

I want to run more jungle trails next time, and also to run at tea plantation. If I have a bicycle by then, I would also want to ride in Cameron Highlands. 

I'm so happy to have found this new wonderful part of Cameron Highlands! 

See you again soon, Cameron Highlands!



  1. Hi Vincent,
    great entry on running in cameron highlands.
    I am planning a trip this december with some friends, we want to squeeze in a 10km run. You mentioned a tea plantation run that you didn't manage to do. Any chance you have idea the route for that one? In your opinion, is it easy to navigate through the running trails for first timers?

    1. Dear Zinc,
      Try this: Brinchang -> Tanah Rata -> Brinchang -> Sg Palas Tea Plantation -> Brinchang.
      Remember to run against car traffic and run alongside the road. Some stretch is very narrow, sometime you need to cross to the opposite road. If possible, you may start your run around 6:40am and try to stay at the nearest hotel near Brinchang, Cameron Highlands where the weekend Pasar malam area is. I hope this helps. Enjoy!

    2. Your advice is most helpful! Thanks so much for replying, Vincent!
      This route is abt 10km? How much of it is in forest trail vs tarmac paths?

    3. Hi Zinc, yeah it's about 10km. But it's mainly tarmac paths though. You can explore the forest trail portion in Sg Palas Tea Plantation. But for the route I took, it was half forest trail and half tarmac paths. I just checked out trip advisors. they do have some recommendaed trails in Cameron Highlands as well. Enjoy your stay in the cool air!! by the way - there are about 2-3 cameron trail running events a year. The most recent Cameron Ultra Trail last month seemed to be awesome!! You can consider for your next year's trip to Cameron Highlands.. :) Cheers and wishing you a pleasant stay in Cameron Highlands

  2. Thank you very much for the great advice!