Race Report | Cyberjaya Twincity Marathon 2016.01.24 | #17FM #4Sub4 3:56:42 | Special Dedication to My Beloved Mom

24 Jan marks my mom's 49 days (7 weeks) for not being with us and my dad's 92nd birthday. We also visited my mom at Nilai Memorial Park on this special day.

With the last few months solely focusing on mom and dad matters and lack of training and 3 hours of sleep, it took me great courage to participate in today's Twincity Marathon not knowing whether I could handle the physical and emotional challenge.

So what I decided to do was to apply my current life challenges into today's running. 

1. Leap of faith

Race application
Can I do it? Lack of training and emotionally / mentally while I'm still overwhelmed by family matters? 

What if I fall? What if I fail? But what if I fly?

I just told myself - what the hack! Go for it! Whatever the outcome, let it be!

Life application
I prayed as I ran this race and submitted my current life challenges to God. You see - I am taking unpaid sabbatical leave to take care of 92 years-old dad at home. And having no income while having high housing loans to pay is no joke. The clear message is for me to take the leap of faith. No need to worry and think too much. :)

2. Trust

Race application
I decided to trust in 4 hour pacer William Lim. He is an inspiring runner who has done 3 hr 24 min in recent Melbourne Marathon. And when I said trust, I really trusted him as I didn't even look at my own watch 95% of time and follow as close as possible. He said go straight and without thinking, I just went straight. And at 40 km he said go ahead, I just went ahead. So when he ran consistently at 5.37 min / km pace all the way - I just tried to follow as best as I could. 

He is truly my running angel and GPS watch showing me direction where to go. So I placed my race outcome / timing to his leading.

The challenge is whenever we stopped for water stations, I slowed down a lot while he could pick up the water in the cup and continued running and sipping the water. Very efficient and professional! :)

So at every water station and one time after my toilet loo, I had to run at faster speed to catch up with him. A few times I almost couldn't catch up. I was very tired but I knew I couldn't lose sight of him. Otherwise, my sub 4 target would have been gone down the drain earlier than I thought.

I am also grateful to him for looking back after every water station to ensure I was still behind and could catch up. 

mile emoticon

Life application

I don't know after taking the leap of faith putting caring of my dad first over my career and finance, what would happen next. Would I get worse? Where would I be? What do I do? Do I have enough money to support the family? 

I am worried. But I know I should not and I shall TRUST in the Lord to show me the way. When there is a will, there is a way.

3. Lean not on my own understanding

Race Application
Previously, I would have run faster in the first half. but now I said I better not based on my own understanding but on William's understanding.

Life Application
I usually use my logical and analytical mind to think and dissect the situations. When I look at my current situation, I really couldn't find a way out. And I shall know that by taking the leap of faith and trust in the Lord, I shall not lean on my own understanding anymore but His. So I shall let God.

4. Do things differently

Race Application
I decided to wear shoe I wasn't comfortable and not run FM before - Saucony Kinvara 6. Previously I have been wearing Skechers GOMEb Speed 3 for FMs. Did I worry it might not be suitable for me? Yes. I also slowed down my cadence. Did I worry it might affect my time? Yes. But I decided to treat the run as a no-pressure run and try it out.

Life Application
I know with current life challenges, I need to adjust, adapt and do things differently. What used to work might not work anymore. Mom is not with us. Dad needs to be taken care of. We used to eat mom's home cooked food. 

But now - I need to do things differently. I stay home to take care of dad to ensure he can adjust well. I cook, clean, mop, wash... until recently we managed to have home-delivery meals for dad. 

Do we want to? We don't. But we have not choice but to do things differently now.

5. Be an over comer

Race Application
As I run, my mind has been filled with memories of mom. I choked few times thinking of her. But when I thought of how my mom usually would say 加油 add oil and gave me a high-five whenever I go for race or Sunday run, I visualized her in front cheer leading me asking me to be an over comer and continue to press on. And I would say this is the greatest motivator I have today - from my mom.

Life Application

I know I can't change the fact that mom has passed on 7 weeks. And she has spoken to me to be an over comer in all my life situations - including the challenges I face in taking care of dad. I promised her I will be an over comer in my life.

With the above 5 lessons, somehow - I managed to finish my #17 FM with #4 sub 4 time of 3:56:42. It turned out to be my PB Personal Best! 

And I would like to dedicate this especially for my mom! Without her pushing me - I wouldn't have made it!

Consistent pace of 5.37 min / km or so.

Hard-earned finisher medal and tee shirt - almost causing me to 
collapse for the first time after race.
Had to sit for 1 hour at bag area. Couldn't stand up properly.
Felt giddy. Wanted to vomit. Body chilled. I think I was
physically and emotionally drained.

Special thanks 
1. William Lim 

2. Tan Wah Sing and Rooney Law - for giving me tips and water to recover after finish line. See - for the 1st time ever I wanted to vomit, feel dizzy after the race. I couldn't even stand properly. So the kind soul at bag claim area provided me with a chair to sit to rest. And I had to rest for 1 full hour before I could walk. It's during this resting period and Mr Tan and Rooney shared with me on how to recover. I guess I was really physically and emotionally drained.
With Mr Tan - barefoot king! :)

with Rooney

Will I join again next year? 

Definitely I will. Next year I would want to eat the roti canai and ice cream which I didn't have time to stop to eat this round. :)

Hopefully the organiser will also have better signs as some runners (including pacers) were short-distanced by 3km missing the roti canai station.


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