Inspirational Movie: To The Fore (破风)

The Fore (破风) 

Director : Andrew Lin (林超贤)
Cast      : Eddie Peng (彭于晏), Choi Si Won (崔始源), Shawn Tao (窦骁), Carlos Chan (陈家乐),Wang Luodan (王珞丹), Ou-Yang Nana (欧阳娜娜)

About the movie

This movie is based on a story about a very passionate cyclist, Chou Ming (Eddy Peng), who started his cycling career in a team called Radiant. He met his friends there. 

However, the team had to break up because there is no sufficient fund to continue the team. The team leader then allocates them to different teams.

And the movie shows the tug of war between friendship and love, the fame and principle, the rich and the poor among the cast.

I watched this movie in August 2015 because it's a movie about cycling that's hard to come by. So I would like to show my support to such motivational and inspirational movie.

Trailers on YouTube

You can watch the 2 trailers here:

Beautiful Taiwan through the eyes of cyclists

The acting might not be the greatest but the movie was shot in Europe and Taiwan (one of my favorite countries) showcasing beautiful breathtaking scenery of Kaosiung, Taipei, Taroko National Park, Kenting Beach, etc.

It made my heart pumping because I love Taiwan. And it further inspired me to cycle around Taiwan one of these days. It's one of my lifetime goals that I would like to achieve within next 3 years.

See how beautiful Taiwan is.... isn't it breathtaking? :) I have been to a few of the places but on foot. I hope to take 10 days off and cycling around Taiwan island one day.


What shall you choose? 

Friendship over love?
Fame over principle?
Fight or give up?
Mental strength or physical fitness?

Please go and buy or rent the DVD to watch if you haven't done so to support such motivational movie. And I'm sure you will be inspired too.


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