Top 10 Classic Cycling Routes in Taiwan 2015

Recently,  Sports Administration of Education Ministry in Taiwan has run a campaign to select top 10 classic cycling routes in Taiwan 2015

The selection was based on 5 criteria: Health 健康, Accessibility 親和, Participation 參與 , Popularity 分享 and Youth 活力.  In short, it's called a H.A.P.P.Y. 幸福 campaign.

Additionally, online votes weighed 60% and judges' votes counted for the remaining 40%.  

I'm very happy to know that Sun Moon Lake Cycling Route, my second cycling experience in Taiwan so far, has been voted as 1 of the top 10 classic routes in Taiwan in 2015. Additionally, Sun Moon Lake is also voted as the most popular cycling route by online voters.

Since I love Taiwan so much and I look forward to more cycling experiences in Taiwan, here is to share with you all the Top 10 Classic Cycling Routes in Taiwan 2015:

Top 10 Classic Cycling Routes in Taiwan 1015

1. Dong Shan River Cycling Route, Yilan, Taiwan (宜蘭冬山河自行車道)

2. Dabo Pond Cycling Route, Taitung, Taiwan  (臺東池上大坡池自行車道)

3. Dapeng Bay Cycling Route, Pingtung County, Taiwan (屏東大鵬屏東大鵬灣環灣自行車道)

4. Jiji Town Cycling Route, Nantou County, Taiwan ( 南投集集綠色隧道暨環鎮自行車道)

5. Sun Moon Lake Cycling Route, Nantou County, Taiwan (南投日月潭自行車道系統)

6. Dongfeng Green Bicycle Way, Taichung City, Taiwan (臺中東豐自行車綠廊)

7. Dahan River and Xindian River Cycling Path, New Taipei City, Taiwan (新北大漢及新店溪自行車道)

8. Damsui Golden Shore Cycling Route, New Taipei City, Taiwan (淡水河左岸自行車道)

9. Old Gaoling Cycling Route, North East Coast, Taiwan (东北角舊草嶺環狀線自行車道)

10. Taipei River Bank Cycling Route ( 臺北河濱自行車道)

All beautiful photos above are also taken from the website:

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