A love story to every person behind the marble stones at Nilai Memorial Park

When dad and I visited my mom yesterday (31/1/2016), I walked around the Christian memorial area when my mom's ashes are kept to survey to find out how some of the rest made the flower vase for their loved ones.

A slow walk passing through all the faces and the names on marble stones can truly shake a person up.

There is a LOVE STORY to every person who has been called home to be with the Lord.

Behind the marble stone, each one has a sad, loving, touching story to tell.

Sometimes, it takes death to wake us up on what LIVING means!

A Colleague's Sister Losing Fight to Cancer

My mother has a neighbor who so happened to be my colleagues' 41 years-old sister who lost her fight to breast cancer last year. I paid a visit to her place. She is in different block then my mom's. But definitely they are neighbors.

I know about the story on how she fought the cancer, and how it relapsed and how it impacted the family.

A Loving Father Left Behind A Beautiful Daughter

Last Sunday (24/1/2016) when we visited my mom at Nilai Memorial Park, I noticed a Singaporean car also stopped there. And a little beautiful girl about the age of 10 was with her mother playing some music and give offer some beautiful flowers to one of the "owners"there.

Out of curiosity, I approached them and asked. Then I realised that the beautiful girl lost her loving dad 3 years ago when her dad was only 35 years old due to illness.

I couldn't help myself but to touch the little girl's head.

Then I asked the mother, "Is she ok now?"

The mother replied, "Yeah, she is ok now."

But I know deep inside the little girl's heart and the mother's heart, they still miss the father / husband very much.

A Love Message to Her Mummy

I couldn't help myself but to read the love message left for one of the "owners" there by her children.

The message is so touching. I am deeply moved by the mother's love for them.

The mother was called home to be with the Lord in 2013, when she was 57 years-old.

At times like this, little things can stir up my emotions.


I have never lost anyone so close and dear to me. Even though I lost my grandpa and grandma, uncles and aunties, but it never hit me as hard as losing my mom within 17 hours.

Who in the world would have expected my mom to have a fatal fall at home? And with my dad being 18 years her senior, they both used to talk about who would meet God first.

And things just don't follow logic.

Life is fragile and unpredictable.

I wish I could turn back time so that I could spend more time with my mom, lessen her workload doing house chores at home, getting her a maid even though she refused, bringing her out more often, caring and loving her more.

I always thought there is always tomorrow.

How wrong I was!

We shall live as if today's is our last day. Treasure the moments and loved ones and get out life priorities right.

This is the hardest lesson I have learned.


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