Dearest mom, our first Chinese New Year without you!

An encouragement quote shared by a dear friend with me to cheer me up on my first Chinese New Year without mom! Thank you, dear friend! I will live my life to make mom proud!!

My dearest mom,

Time flies. It has been 64 days since you have gone to Heaven  where there is no sorrows, no pain, and no sufferings.

But it seems as if only yesterday that you left us to be with the Lord.

The pain in my heart is still there. The heartache will never go away. 

Will time heal my wounded heart?

Will time wash away my sorrows and grief? 

Will time make me forget and move on?

I think NOT. 

I might be busy or preoccupied by many things in life. But deep down in the deepest part of my heart, you are forever there.

Your love, your smile, your kindness, your sweetness, your laughter, your everything! 

Making your new home even more beautiful with hand-made flower stands & flowers from home planted by you

We are so happy because after searching and looking for the flower stand for your new home at Xiao En Nilai Memorial Park, dad finally came up with brilliant idea of getting our neighbor Mr Khor to make it for you.

And I went to Daiso to buy some toe nail arts and super glue for decorations making the flower stands even more beautiful! :)

And today during the first day of Chinese New Year, dad and I made a trip to visit you to make your new home even more beautiful with hand-made flower stands.

I believe it suits you very well - simple, elegant and stylish - just like you, mom! :)

Do you like them? ( I can see you smile from heaven!)

And look at the beautiful flowers plucked from our own plants in backyard. They were all planted by you. I specially brought them for you because they are more meaningful than flowers bought from florist shop. And no worries about the plants at home. I am taking good care of them. 

Marble stone with beautiful mom's picture
After gluing the hand-made flower stands  with decorated toe-nail arts, now my mom's new home on earth looks even more beautiful. The flowers are from our backyard planted by mom. 

Yeah! Mom's favorite flowers and her!

I love your new home on earth, Mom! Very lovely! I hope you like it too! Dad loves it very much!

Taking selfies with you again! We never have enough of you, mom!

Dad wanted to touch you again today. He caressed your face on the marble stone. 

We all miss you!

Putting smile on your face, we pose for some selfies with you below... 

Dad is very happy to see the decorated flower stands and flowers at your new home on earth! He misses you very much! 

I love this picture - yohoo! 3 of us!

Yippie! Another selfie with you, mom! 

Loving you, mom!

Thank you, mom!

Thank you for everything!

I love you!

I miss you!

I grieve you!

And so, I live my life

to make you proud!

Your dearest son

Written on Feb 8, 2016


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