10 km Double Hill route: Lake Garden via KTM station - Bukit Tunku - Lake Garden via National Monument

Double Hill 10 km route: I would say this is one of the most popular 10 km running route in KL for training and races with slight variations. Awesome hills!

My weekly running routine:

Monday to Friday
Run 3 km on treadmill (level 11-12) each day, totaling 15 km

No run.

Usually 19-20 km Lake Garden (LG) to Seri Hartamas return loop. If my legs are up to it, then I will come back from Seri Hartamas via the Double Hill route passing through National Monument back to Lake Garden.

Total weekly mileage
Around 35 km

This is to share the very popular 10 km Double Hill route with you. It's good for training. Time yourself for improvement every time you run the route.

However, it's advisable to start only around 630 am or later from Lake Garden because it is kind of dark and less people. Good to run in groups too.

Double Hill Route

  • Lake Garden to Bank Negara
  • Turn right uphill towards KTM station 
  • Run along Jalan Dato' Onn until you pass Sasana Kijang on your right

  • After passing Sasana Kijang, be ready to make a u turn to your right at the traffic light. It's an uphill run towards Bukit Tunku
  • As you run up to the highest elevation, you will see a T junction. Turn left at the T junction
  • Continue to run passing through a bridge with Jalan Duta right underneath your feet
  • You will reach another T- junction. Make a right turn. It will be first down hill then flat then slightly uphill until you reach Selangor Properties Apartment at Bukit Tunku
Make a left turn up the hill right at the Selangor Properties Apartment guard house at Bukit Tunku
  • After turning right at Selangor Properties Apartment guard house, it's time for some hilly work.
  • Just follow the road up the hill until you hit a T junction.
  • Make right turn then left again. A couple little uphills here but take it easy.
  • Once you conquer the little hills, it's down hill until you see a small little round about. 
  • Turn right and follow the road up the hill and down the hill until you reach the main road out of Bukit Tunku
  • When you see Jalan Duta making a right turn.
  • Continue running until you see traffic light. Turn left
  • Turn left again at the next traffic light. 
  • Now it's slowly uphills but catch your breath as the steeper hills are just ahead.
  • You shall see a road on your right. Turn right into it.
  • Continue the run on this road all the way as it will lead you to National Monument.
  • Before you see the National Monument, you will need to endure couple small hills. Not too hard but you might be tired by now. Endure - you are about there.
  • Once you see National Monument, you are only few meters from Lake Garden. Be careful here are there are some tour buses. 
  • Reaching the traffic light after National Monument marks 10 km of your run! 
  • Congrats on conquering DOUBLE HILL!


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