Everyone is my teacher in running and life...

Friends / colleagues who got me into running end 2010 - Daryl, Wan Le, Ken, Carrine. They are also my teachers especially in running and in life! 
I was running with a running friend Carol Chan and TPRC running group covering 12 km Triple Hill (Mayor Hill) today. And we had a wonderful chat throughout the whole running journey. We laughed and encouraged each other along the way as well. We both just ran 30 km 2 days ago on Sunday. So this morning's run was more of a recovery run.

Some of the interesting chats that made us laugh were:

  • One day when an elite runner ran on treadmill at level 19 (Phew! I sweat hearing 19 km in 1 hour!), fitness instructor stood before him asking him to stop. When he asked why, little did he know that there was smoke coming out of the rubber pad of the treadmill due to too high of a speed for too long. :) 
  • I was surrounded by 2 farting runners at Newton Challenge 2014. The one on the right farted so I quickly ran to the side. But I didn't realize that I ran into another runner who farted almost literally on my face! So I held my breath to run further ahead before I took a deeper breath again!

But what I tried to highlight is that I have also learned from her today on running technique - especially running downhills

Carol could run much faster downhills than me - without braking - loosening her hands and shoulders - like Laura in the Little House on the Prairie running down the slopes. She is awesome!

So I told her I wanted to learn how she does it and she shares with me to lean body forward when going down hill and don't brake!! Just follow the flow down the hill

Carol Chan - running downhill is her play ground!! Can see her fly!
Wow! I'm so glad I have learned something new today. If I could pick that up, perhaps I could be better more efficient runner. :)

This leads to why I want to write about this post.

Everyone is my teacher.
Some I seek.
Some I subconsciously attract.
Often I simply learn by observing others.
Some may be completely unaware that I'm learning from them, yet I bow deeply in gratitude.

I want to take this opportunity to thank many runners who have given me tips and selflessly shared with me how to be an efficient runner. In fact, everyone is my teacher and I bow deeply in gratitude.

Running is a continuous lifelong learning process. It's not the finish line but the journey itself.

Early Days of Learning about Running

I remember I was dragged to start running with some of my colleagues (Daryl, Ken, Carrine, Wan Le and Meggy) who were preparing for their Penang Bridge International Marathon way back end 2010. I could hardly run 3 km.

So I was like a sponge just absorbing everything about running from everyone that I talked to. I also found out more info from websites, the tips shared by facebook friends etc. At that time I was also with the running group where Jessica Tang, Jolene, Yan Kar, Foong, Ivy Chai, etc joined. It was a small group but I learned from everyone.

I think I was more like a baby drinking milk. haha!

Because of them, I run. Because of them, I learn. They are my teachers.

Learning to have injury-free, efficient running and more technical knowledge about running for improvement

I also remember when my knees usually ended up very painful and at times with muscle cramps after races, I started to pay attention to my running technique, form and shoes.

And that's when my cousin Ironman Chan Jun Shen stepped in to lend me running video, sharing the running technique and the technicality part of it. He also introduced me to Skechers shoe to help me shift from heel striker to midfoot runner.

From the website - I have also learned about chi running for injury free life long running.

Everyone - everywhere - is my teacher - at different times different phases of my running journey.

And of course there is another Ironman Henry Wong as well who has taught me the breathing technique, faster cadence, racing without holding on to water bottles and running uphill efficiently.

Ironman Henry Wong - my teacher in many aspects especially on breathing technique,
cadence, form, running without holding on to water bottle... Thank you!

Even the most recent Twincity Marathon, I have also learned from the mighty elite runner William Lim about how to hold a water cup from water station and continue running to save time, and how to use the sponge to reduce body heat while running.

Of course the ones mentioned above are only some of my teachers. In fact, everyone is my teacher - from conversation after race, from the weekend LSD run, from their facebook sharings, etc.

I guess when we open our mind and heart to learn and eager to improve, everyone is our teacher!

And I would like to bow deeply in gratitude to all of them. And I would also want to continue to be humble to learn to improve myself in this life-long journey!

Cheers to all my teachers! You are awesome! Thank you for making running fun for me!!


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