My Mom and Ais Kacang (Air Batu Campur / ABC)

At my mom's most favorite ABC stall at Mid Valley Level 3 Food Court -
the mountainous Ais Kacang - and she can finish all!

It's almost a tradition that I don't let my mom cook on 1st day of Lunar New Year. I wanted her to rest. So usually I would bring my parents out for lunch at either Mid Valley or The Pavilion. 

We live a simple life. 

We don't simply spend. 

And even when we can afford, my parents have taught me to save and don't simply spend unnecessarily.

Perhaps it was the tough lives they had in Langkawi and how difficult it was to make a living.

And I have been living a simple life under their great influence.

I guess that's why mom can find pleasure in simple thing in life such as eating Ais Kacang (Air Batu Campur / ABC).

You shall see her face whenever Ais Kacang is mentioned. 

Her face glows.

She smiles from ear to ear.

She can become the happiest person on earth with Ais Kacang.

My mom doesn't eat proper meals. She doesn't eat rice.
She doesn't take the usual lunch or dinner like us. Ais Kacang is her meal! 

Full concentration on Ais Kacang!

Look at my mom - so lovely!

And whenever I see Ais Kacang, I think of mom. Ais Kacang is simply too irresistible to her! :)

So yesterday on Chinese New Year's Day 2, I took my dad and invited 3 other close friends to join us at Mid Valley's level 3 food court to have lunch and also to remember my mom by eating her favourite Ais Kacang.

5 sets of Ais Kacang is ready... 

Yummy! Mom - wish you were here with us!

Missing mom in the picture! But we want to celebrate her life remembering all the good things about her!

Dad eating the mountainous ABC!

Open the mouth to put in the ice cream on top!

Mom, we miss you! 

Dad said that whenever he thinks of you, he wanted to cry. 

And with the Ais Kacang, we want to cherish your life, remember the great moments we have with you.

How I wish you could still join us yesterday :

  • Sitting next to dad facing me as usual. 

  • And I would watch you scoop layer by layer - starting from the ice cream first. 
  • Then you like to slice the ice bit by bit to make it melt so that you could mix with the syrup more evenly. 
  • You would then eat the ABC bit by bit with big smile on your face!

What a lovely sight! I will not be able to see you eating ABC in front of me anymore, mom!

You know - I still pray often that I can see you in my dreams more often. 

I miss seeing you, I miss hearing your voice, I miss everything about you. 

Here is for you for being the greatest mom on earth to me - your most favorite Ais Kacang!

Dear mom, this is for you!


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