Inspirational Quote: Do something each day to bring you a little closer to your dreams

Inspirational Quote 

Do something each day
to bring you a little closer
to your D R E A M S

Photography  : Vincent Khor 
Place             : Hualian 花莲, Taiwan 台湾 
Camera         : Nikon D5100

Why this quote?

I dreamed many dreams. 

And most of them were "dreamy" dreams! :)

But as the time goes by and the age catches up, I have less and less dreams. 

Some dreams have died along the way. 

Some dreams - I came to realized - that they would remain as wishful thinking.

But deep inside my heart, there are still few dreams which I know I would regret if I don't make an effort to make them happen!

Time is running out. And dreams are fading.

So, I have decided to do something each day to bring me a littler closer to my dreams. 

Whether I could achieve my dreams at the end of the day is another story. But at least I'm doing something about it now.

Continue to run until I can't no longer run one day - is one of my dreams. And I want to continue to make an effort to better the yesterday's self

Running motivates me. 

Running drives me. 

Running lifts me up. 

So each step I run, it brings me a little closer to my running dream. :)

Writing a journal is another of my dreams. To jot down little things in my life - so that one day I could look back and have a smile on my face. :) 

So I have decided to put in some effort this year to bring me a little closer to my blogging dream. :)

How about you?

Any unfulfilled dreams? 

Are you doing something each day to bring you a little closer to your dreams?

Let's encourage each other:

Don't dream the life.

Live the dreams!



  1. Jia you... keep up on your writing.

    1. thanks Yulian for your great encouragement. I will jia you! :)