My custom-made wooden race medal frames with glass cover (instead of normal medal hangers)

Since I started running in 2010, I have been putting all my finisher medals in my shoe boxes. :) 

I believe many other runners also either put their finisher medals in shoe boxes or some sort of storage areas or cabinet drawers.

There are also many race medal hangers for sale on the internet which one can order online. Race medal hangers are probably one of the best ways to proudly display the hard-earned medals. The only setback is perhaps the medals on the medal hanger might collect dust after a while.

The readily available race medal hanger

However, I beg to differ. 

I have decided to custom make 2 units of wooden race medal frame with glass cover to keep and display my precious, hard earned finisher medals.

My custom-made wooden race medal frames with glass cover

My 18 (and counting) finisher medals 2014 - 2016 in customer-made wooden race medal frame with glass cover

My 28 finisher medals 2010 - 2013 in customer-made wooden race medal frame with glass cover

Finally, I successfully placed them where they rightly belong to remember all the hard work, sweat, tears, blood and bruises throughout the years running in races. 

Don't they look nice, elegant and beautiful? :) 

I love them very much! 

How I place race medals inside the custom-made wooden medal frame with glass cover

All the race medals were kept in shoe boxes. :) They will be happily moving into their more spacious (2 feet x 3 feet) beautiful  "new home" 

Back of the custom-made wooden medal frame

Need to use screw driver to remove the screw in order to open up the back of the medal frame

This is how it looks like at the back of the custom-made wooden medal frame

3 lines for hanging the race medals.

The frontal part of race medal frame

How the medal frame can be open from the front part

Arrange the race medal close to the line so that you can push the lanyard behind to hide it

Gently pushing the lanyard through to keep it tidy from the front
I use these round head pins to pin the lanyard onto the wood

Pinning the lanyard

Now you can see the medal is elegantly displayed.

Behind is a mess though - especially after pulling all the lanyards over. But it's spacious enough to tuck them in and keep them tidy. Anyway, once closed up, all are hidden. :)

Pulling the lanyard - one by one. A tedious process but desirable outcome.

After all the effort, this is how it will look from the front! Beautiful yeah? Now I can hang them on the wall

Stunning beauty to keep my race medals (2010 - 2013)

Stunning beauty to keep my race medals (2014-2016)

I really hope that every time I look at the displayed medals in the wooden medal frames with glass cover hung in the living room, it will remind me of my running passion!!

And behind every medal, there is a story

I would also like to quote what Dan Gable, American athlete, said,

Finisher medals aren't made of gold! 
 They are made of SWEAT, DETERMINATION, 
and a hard-to-find alloy called GUTS!
And I hope I can preserve and keep the medals as long as I can to keep the stories alive!

Written on March 22, 2016



  1. Vincent that is so gorgeous! Love it!

    1. Hi Farah. .. so nice of you to leave a comment here. It serves as great encouragement for me as a newbie in blogging. I'm sure you have gone through it yourself that writing is really not easy. (I read yours and encouraged by passionate runners and bloggers like yourself. ) your sharing Haha. ) also I'm glad you love my medals' new homes. Surely my medals are very happy now knowing their homes are gorgeous. Lol. Thanks again.

    2. Wow Vincent, I am honoured you read my blog, it's just for fun, really. It's true, it does seem difficult at times to discipline yourself to write. I'm very much dependent on my mood, as I grow older I feel less need to share, but sometimes that inspiration to write will resurface every now and then, and that's when you just have to let it flow.

      But I do know you have a new year's resolution to keep and you've got quite a bit to write this year, so keep at it, I think your blog's fantastic, I'm a huge fan and I will keep checking back for more good stuff!

    3. H Farah... I also depend on my mood to write. And hard to discipline myself to write too. I also agree with you that we we grow older we feel less need to share. I am a beginner.. and i 'm not sure how long i can sustain... haha!

      You are right - i have set myself a tough goal to keep. 100 in 2016. like an ultra-writing... haha! Perhaps I am still new in this.. so just give it a shot!

      THanks so much for your great encouragement for this newbie in writing blog. Appreciate it.

  2. Its really nice n gorgeous frame and medals as well. What a wonderful hard working and efforts.

    1. thanks Yulian ... gotta frame up all the sweat and blood of running. haha!

  3. Hi! where can i buy the medal fram display ? its really great idea. i love it

    1. Hi Mia,
      Thanks for loving the medal frame display. :) It's actually custom made from one of the picture frame shops. You can probably show this post to the shop owner that you visit and I'm sure they will be able to come up with something similar or better for you. I got the idea after visiting a friend's house where he displays his key chains from various countries. Then I said to myself, what a great idea if I could customise the similar concept to display the medals. :) But just for your information, it's going to fill up fast if you run a lot. And it's going to be costly too to keep adding. So far I have 2 already. Still got some medals with no place to display already. I need to get a new frame or remove some of the old medals to make space for the new medals. haha! Each medal frame costs around RM170-RM200 or so. I can't quite remember already. I hope the info helps. Thanks.