Running at Lumpini Park - Green Lung of Bangkok

Lumphini Park - Green Lung of Bangkok

In 2015, I have made a few business trips to our Bangkok office located at Empire Tower, Sathorn Business District. In order not to interrupt with my usual running, I intentionally stayed at FuramaXclusive Sathorn Hotel which is between our office and Lumphini Park - the Green Lung of Bangkok - 1.6 km to 2 km away from the hotel.

I would make an effort to either wake up early to run to the Lumphini Park before breakfast and work, or I would run to Lumphini Park in the evening after work and before dinner. 

I usually would run 2 loops inside Lumphini Park - with about 2.5 km per loop. This would make it to about an 8-km run from the hotel to the park and back.

I would like to share my leisure running experience at Lumphini Park so that if you ever go to Bangkok for business trips, please bring along your running shoes so that you can also discover Lumphini Park through running. :)

Lumpini Park - Green Lung of Bangkok

Lumpini Park is a popular place right in the center of Bangkok Business District for outdoor leisure activities for people living in Bangkok. There are many people enjoying jogging, running, aerobics, yoga, taichi, martial arts, cycling at the outdoor park. There are 2 gym facilities as well - the new and modern air-con one and an old one which is outdoor. In fact, you can also find tennis court and swimming pool inside the park as well. Some of the colorful recreational pursuits at the park also include rowing and paddle boats in the beautiful lake in the middle of the park.

I really enjoy running at Lumpini Park because it allows me to experience how local Thai people live their daily lives. I feel that I can experience their culture more while soaking myself in the daily lives of many outdoor-loving beautiful Thai people.

Standing still for Thailand's National Anthem

I'm sure for those who are frequent traveler to Thailand, you would have experienced this. 

Thailand's national anthem can be heard every day at 8 am and again at 6 pm daily, coming from televisions and radios and loud speakers all over the country. 

When the national anthem plays in Thailand, no matter what Thais are doing, they will STOP and STAND STILL and pay their respect to Thailand's narional anthem, to their King and to the country. A very patriotic expression of Thai people!

I have experienced a few times of standing still while the national anthem is played. 

At Lumpini Park, you can hear national anthem being played from loud speakers. And runners, joggers, walkers, gym goers, boat paddlers, and all activities suddenly all stop and stand still at a respectful attention.

For me - I am no different. I also stop running and stand still - just like other Thai people. And I love this rich culture of Thai for their great expression of their love for their King and country.

It will be a good experience if you haven't experienced it before. Go run around 8 am in the morning or  6 pm in the evening. Then you know what I mean! :)

Various outdoor activities & beautiful landscape 

Many uncles and aunties do their qi-gong

Another group doing some sort of martial arts or qi-gong.

Beautiful lake and Bangkok Skyscraper!

Can't find this in Malaysia :) 

The running and cycling track at Lumphini Park

Beautiful landscape of Lumpini Park against the backdrop of downtown Bangkok

On one of the mornings I was there, I saw a group of runners who just finished their 5 km run.

Another group doing their exercise!

Open air gym. Free to public!

I believe this is Tai Chi.

A very modern gym facilities.

Food court within the Park. So no one goes hungry after exercise. :)

This is so interesting! I love the swings!

Many runners do their stretching here.

Water fountain - how I wish I can find it at KL's Lake Garden. :)

1 loop is about 2.543 km. 

8 km Leisure Run ( Hotel -> Lumpini Park (2 loops) => Hotel)

No excuse for not running while during business trip. :) Besides, Thai food is so delicious. And running can help me to burn off fat so that I can eat even more Thai food. haha!

Finished my run and on way back to hotel.

How to go to Lumpini Park
It will be good if you can choose to stay at hotels near to Lumpini Park. Depending on your budgets, there are many hotels to choose from within proximity.

  • Opening Hours: 4.30 am to 9.00 pm daily
  • Location           : Rama IV Road, Pathumwan
  • MRT                 : Silom station or Lumphini station
  • BTS                  : Saladaeng station

Therefore, next time when you visit Bangkok for business trip or leisure, please remember to visit Lumpini Park in your running shoes and gear! :) 

Written on 2016.04.22



  1. Nice view n I love Thai food, so delicious...

  2. Nice view n I love Thai food, so delicious...

    1. wow! You are reading... :) Thanks for your support and encouragement Yulian. Im going to post some local Thai food later tonight. :)