Fly kite at Bukit Jalil Park? I mean the 3 km "Fly Kite" running loop with 124 uphill steps.

Bukit Jalil Park is a public recreational park familiar to many, a venue to few running races, and the closest park to my house.

Bukit Jalil Park was never my favorite place to run even though it's so close to my place. :) Strange huh? It's convenient, it's beautiful, it's nice and full of greens but yet I never liked to run there. 

Well, I guess it has to do with my own mental block for not being able to run loops. 

I can go crazily bonkers running loops!! 
Same scenery, same loops, round and round and I can go cuckoo!

My regular Sunday outdoor running place is Lake Garden to Seri Hartamas' 20-30 km route. Occasionally I will follow some running friends to run the Genting Sempah's 30km route

I don't run on Saturdays. 

During weekdays, I used to run 3 km on a treadmill in gym before work, accumulating around 15 km on treadmill weekly. Even the 3 km on a treadmill is rather draggy for me because I just don't like to run on a stationery machine indoor. :) But I guess it's the most efficient way to continue my running on weekdays due to busy work schedules.

But in January this year while I was on sabbatical leave to take care of my dad, I managed to explore Bukit Jalil Park in the evenings.

Night running is never my favorite. Running loops is also something I try to stay away from. haha (No wonder my running doesn't improve as much as others!  Weak mental strength!)

But the discovery of the "fly kite" shape 3 km running loop at Bukit Jalil Park since early this year has given me a motivation to run there.

"Fly kite" 3 km running loop

Don't you think the 3 km loop below looks like someone flying a kite? ha! ha! I thought the loop shape looks kind of cute!!

3 km loop - doesn't it look like someone is flying a kite? haha!

In case you can't imagine, this is a picture of a kid flying kite! lol! cool, yeah? :)

100 m, 124 steps staircase uphill run to finish 3 km 

What I love about this 3 km "fly kite" running loop is that it ends with a 100 m, 124 steps staircase uphill run.

I counted - it's 100 m , 124 steps staircase run up to hit 3 km. What a wonderful way to finish a 3 km loop! Good hill training!

Looping 2x or 3x the "fly kite" running route for 6 km or 9 km LSD running

Since the discovery, I have been trying my best to run at Bukit Jalil Park on Tuesday and / or Thursday evenings around 7 pm to replace my weekdays' treadmill running. 

Usually if it doesn't rain and I manage to reach home on time (without any unanticipated traffic jam), I would then go to Bukit Jalil Park to run on Tuesday and Thursday.

For each Tues and / or Thurs evening, I run either 3 km (1 loop), 6 km (2 loops) or  9 km (3 loops) if my running angin sudah naik. Hahaha!

My usual 2 loops. Sometimes I add 1 more loop to make it 9 km run if my running angin sudah naik! lol!

What really motivates me to run the 3 km loop at Bukit Jalil Park now is the 124 steps staircase uphill run each time to finish 1 loop. 

I find it to be a very good training for my legs since I suck in hill running. Every time in a race, my speed slows down whenever there is hill. My legs don't seem to listen to me. So I hope this variation in the LSD running at Bukit Jalil Park can help me to improve my hill running one way or another. 

Usually, after I finish 2 loops (which means 2 times running up the 124 steps already), I would then run up the 100 m , 124 steps staircase 2 more times before I call it a day to go home! I just want to strengthen my hill running since it's my weak point. 

Bukit Jalil Park

Bukit Jalil Park

Bukit Jalil Park

Night running! Not easy, but satisfying! Sweat like a cow!

I'm getting to love the night running more and more. Tough but satisfying. I treat this fly kite route as a training ground to make me stronger. If time doesn't permit, then I have no choice but to run on treadmill in the gym. :)

But anyhow - night running, I no longer hate you! I welcome you now!! haha!!

And thank you Bukit Jalil Park for the fly kite route that makes me excited about you! :)

I wear Skechers GoRun to run during short-distance training.  Tired legs, happy heart! :)

Written on 2016.06.04



  1. Vincent, keio has the same sketchers shoes like yours.. grey color with bright green laces.

  2. Vincent, keio has the same sketchers shoes like yours.. grey color with bright green laces.

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    1. You are most welcome, Jandyersn. Thanks for reading. :)