Journey to Half Ironman: 3-month preparation (part 1)

Swim Bike Run - DNF or Half Ironman on September 4? Let's wait and see... 

What can I say? My "accidental click" that registered me for my first Half Ironman at 113 Triathlon tbe held at Bukit Merah on September 4 has many ripple effects....

First of all, the time for preparation is very very short: June 12 to September 4 - that's slightly less than 3 months.

And I need to prepare for Newton 30 km Challenge (July 24), Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon (Aug 7), Kuching International Marathon (Aug 14) before the 113 Triathlon (Sept 4).

How to do all the preparation within such short period? 

I got really really nervous and anxious over it. 

The ripple effects of the "accidental click"?

  • It got me to buy my first road bike  - HASA shimano 105 carbon road bike. 

  • It got me to learn more about cycling, cycling shorts, the word 'poison", punctured tyre, etc.

  • It got me to try out doing all 3 sports in 1 weekend (not same day though).

  • It got me to push my limits with limited time left for preparation and training.

Anyway, I just told myself. What the hack! Just do my best to prepare within such short time and see how it turns out!

Half Ironman Triathlon Training - Part 1 (June 12 - July 17)

In view of 3 upcoming races (Newton 30km Challenge, SCKLM, Kuching Marathon) which I need to focus on from no onward, it looks like I won't be able to cycle until August 20. 

Conservatively speaking, I will only have 4 more times to cycle (Aug 20, Aug 27, Aug 28, Aug 31) before the triathlon. 

As for swimming, it will be the same but perhaps I still can practice swimming over next couple of weeks.

Running - the 3 races would have been the training. :)

So I think I would lack most is the cycling training.

Here is to log down part 1 of my 3-month triathlon training (June 12 - July 17):

Swim Training

I'm quite a slow swimmer. But I will focus on completing it within cut off time. Also, I have not been swimming in Lake before. I hope I won't get too nervous on the day.

June 12  : 2 km swim
June 19  : 2 km swim 
June 27  : 2 km swim
July 03   : 1.5 km swim
July 10   : 1.5 km swim
July 17   : 1.0 km swim

Bike Training
So happy to cycle up beautiful Mayor's Hill on July 9.

This is the part I worry the most - cycling.

This is also the part I invested the most - a new road bike. haha!

Without much time to train and learn up the cycling skills, I can only do the best I can. I will be happy if I can complete within cut off time. 

I hope I will still get to increase some mileage during my part 2 of training after Kuching Marathon.

June 12  : 17 km bike of my newly bought HASA road bike at Desa Park City.
June 18  : 47 km bike at Guthrie Corridor Expressway
June 26  : 47 km bike at Guthrie Corridor Expressway
July 02   : 74 km bike at Gurthrie Corridor Expressway -> Tundang -> Rawang
July 09   : 37 km bike at Lake Garden -> Sri Hartamas -> Solaris -> Sri Hartamas -> Triple Hill -> Lake Garden
July 16   :  no cycling
Total mileage : 222 km

Run Training
Genting Sempah
I believe it's obvious that my passion is still running. :) And i have my personal target to achieve in full marathons this year.

It's not easy to squeeze in cycling and swimming into 1 weekend after running 30km almost every Sunday. I am exhausted. Nonetheless, the motivation to be half ironman has pushed me to also do 2 other sports on same weekend as much as possible in little time left.

June 12  : No run
June 19  : 30 km run at Lake Garden -> Seri Hartamas -> Solaris -> Seri Hartamas -> Triple Hill
June 27  : 32 km run at Genting Sempah
July 03   : 28 km run at Lake Garden -> Seri Hartamas -> Solaris -> Seri Hartamas -> Double Hill
July 10   : 30 km run at Genting Sempah
July 17   : 27 km run at Lake Garden -> Seri Hartamas -> Solaris -> Seri Hartamas -> Lake Garden

I shall continue with part 2 of my journey to Half Ironman after the 3 races.

Now my focus is on full marathons (SCKLM and Kuching - with Newton 30km challenge being LSD training)

Please wish me luck in the running races yeah! :) 

Written on 2016.07.17


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