Discovering France with Lifecycle stationery bike

I don't have a chance to ride my road bike on weekdays. And usually I don't like to ride on stationery bike in the gym. 

But due to this coming weekend's triathlon, I managed to ride on an upright Lifecycle stationery bike in the gym last week. To my surprise, I could ride the Lifecycle stationery bike for 15 km each time for 3 consecutive mornings last week totaling 45 km without feeling bored.

Thanks to the Featured Workouts provided by LifeFitness for the upright Lifecycle stationery bike! It has given me a chance to discover France on a bike! How awesome!

Featured Workouts on Lifecycle Stationery Bike 

There are 6 featured workouts on the LifeFitness' upright Lifecycle stationery bike as per below:

  1. Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur Bike
  2. Languedoc Roussillon Bike
  3. Champagne Bike
  4. Loire River Valley Bike
  5. Col de la Colombiere Bike
  6. Paris and Reims Bike

The featured workouts are rather comprehensive, covering mountains to small towns / villages and even to Eiffel Tower in Paris. :)

For the 3 days last week, I tried on mountain ride (Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur), the village ride (Col de la Comombiere) and as well as Paris ride (Paris and Reims). 

I have never stepped foot in France.

But these awesome featured workouts on Lifecycle stationery bike have allowed me to explore France on a stationery bike in a gym in Malaysia!  I have never felt so close to France. 

When I was "riding" the bike whizzing past the cars with Eiffel Tower in Paris in sight, I somehow got excited!! I used my imagination as if i was really riding there! Quite a fun feeling! :) And I love it!

Elevation and difficulty level changes according to the "scenes" in featured workouts

What makes it even more interesting is that the bike knows how to change its elevation based on the "scenes" in featured workouts. When it's flat route, I can ride easier. When there is uphill, the elevation on the bike will change automatically. 

So what I need is my own imagination and visualization that I was physically in France without being there. haha!

Who says cycling stationery bike is boring? 

Of course, cycling stationery bike is still boring compared to cycling outdoor in the nature with fresh air and great friends. Not to mention the makan makan after each ride! :)

But I don't get to ride my bike outdoor so often - may be only once a week on a Saturday or Sunday. Therefore, I am grateful for my discovery of France through Lifecyle stationery bike!!

If you are like me who has time to ride outdoors only during weekends, do try out the featured workouts - bringing the outdoor fun ride to indoor!

Written on 2016.08.31


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