Goodbye, butt pain! Sayonara, buntut pain!

Thanks to TYR Ignite cycling tights or rather triathlon short, I can say goodbye to butt pain!! :)

As you all know, I have been riding on my NASA bicycle with running gear: running vest, running short and running shoe. :) In preparation of the upcoming triathlon, I have also tried out wearing swimming trunk underneath with running short in the outer later a couple of times during cycling rides. 

Did I end up with butt pain? 

Of course, YES. :) 

But the stubborn me has insisted on wearing running short to ride. I have claimed that my butt pain has been recovering rather fast after cycling and the butt pain hasn't bothered me much during my ride anyway. My stubbornness caused couple friends naming my butt as "iron butt". lol!! It's truly hilarious!

I refused to buy a pair of cycling short or tri short for few simple reasons:

1. Tri short / running short is expensive. It's easily close to RM 200 or more per pair.
2. I'm not comfortable in tights especially in public, feeling rather exposed and uncomfortable. :)

First pair of triathlon short, or is it cycling tights?

My first tri / cycling tights : TYR Ignite
After much struggle on whether to buy a pair of tri short or cycling short for few months, finally I braved myself to buy one (TYR Ignite cycling tights as per the price label) yesterday at The Stadium.  The original price was RM 249. After 30% discount, it burned a RM 174.30 hole in my pocket. :)

If you were to ask me whether I know it's a triathlon short or a cycling short, I really can't tell. That's how shallow my knowledge is about cycling. 

I assumed it's triathlon short because it comes in 2-piece : the vest and tights / short. Additionally it's in the swimming section with other TYR swimming trunks, goggles, etc in the Stadium.  But the price label states "TYR Ignite cycling tights" though. 

I could have shopped more at a triathlon specialist store in KL but I decided not to. I am worried I would get more confused. 

At Stadium, only one brand TYY. with limited 3 color / design choices. But it helped me to decide. :)

Oh I would like to mention about the brand TYR, on the label it says, 
"TYR is not an acronym. According to Norse mythology, TYR was the God of warriors and deity among all athletes - a fierce competitor revered by his friends and foes alike. If you're competitive by nature, like us, you can relate."
And yes, I can relate. :) 

First ride with TYR tri short

This morning I rode 47.7 km along Lake Garden, Bukit Tunki, Seri Hartamas and Mount Kiara area in my TYR tri-short (cycling tights). 

Initially, I was very conscious about the outer appearance of wearing tights. For a person who has not worn tights in the public before, it took some courage to overcome the self-consciousness. ha!ha!

I also felt rather uncomfortable to have a "pad" under my butt. But after a few km ride, I felt much more comfortable with it. :)

A friend told me the pad might get stuck on the saddle. And during my first ride experience this morning, it happened a few times too. lol! I guess I was not used to it yet. But I quickly overcame the issue by learning how to widen my thigh a bit before sitting down on saddle again. Problem solved!

After the 47.7 km ride, I was so impressed that my previous butt pain after each ride was no longer felt!! And I felt much more comfortable about wearing the padded tights for about 3 hours.

This has given me confidence to ride a longer distance without having to worry about my butt pain or troubled by buntut pain!!

Next, I shall learn to swim in it and run in it too. 

Once I can do that, I can officially claim the "cycling tights" to be triathlon short! lol!

I finally let go of my stubbornness and step out of comfort zone to embrace new adventures! :)

With that, I would like to officially renounce the name "iron butt", and saying goodbye to butt pain!! Yohoo!

Written on 2016.08.27