Shoe review: Adidas Falcon Elite 3 - trendy, sporty and comfy

Adidas Falcon Elite 3

I bought my first pair of Adidas shoe Supernova Glide Boost 7 at Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon 2014 race kit collection expo. I loved it very very much but I decided to give to my nephew as a present.

Since then, my mind has been lingering with the thought of owning a pair of Adidas shoe. 

How could my mind not be thinking of owning a pair of Adidas shoe? :)

I wear Adidas running shorts to run, and to gym. 

Out of so many running vests that I have from races, my most favorite running vests are still Adidas running vests from Adidas King of The Road races and Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathons. And of course, not to mention the Adidas running tees.

By the way, I also have Adidas cap. 

What has been lacking is Adidas running shoe. :)

You may ask  - why not Adidas shoe

Well, the main reason is that I have tried so many times, so many models of Adidas running shoes. I either find it too small at toe box for me or too narrow for my feet. I have been complaining and complaining too why Adidas doesn't make shoes that fit me perfertly - like Skechers and Saucony? 

Sigh! I guess I have no luck with wearing Adidas runnig shoe to run a full marathon. Too bad!! Otherwise, I could have been an Adidas ambassador with Adidas gear from head to toe. lol!

Due to the recent company's annual dinner with glamor and glitz theme, I was scouting around for something that didn't make me look like wearing office wear to the function. :)

Besides, I joined a group of young colleagues to perform a dance on stage with black and white theme. So I thought may be I should buy myself a pair of Adidas running shoe that allows me to use for gym, casual running and to office. And it might look cool and trendy too with my formal "glomor and glitz" wear.

So I did. I bought black / white Adidas running shoe Falcon Elite 3 which was on sale in September. :) Finally!!! After so many years of yearning for Adidas shoe!! haha!

What I really love about Adidas Falcon Elite 3

All the while I love Adidas' signature 3 stripes!! And the black and white Adidas Falcon Elite 3 is simply a beauty!! I can match Adidas Falcon Elite 3 with any clothes or running gear and it still looks good!

The Adidas Falcon Elite 3 features a sandwich mesh construction for breathability as well as synthetic overlays for added support. It also features a chunky gripped sole for extra traction, as well as a padded insole and a padded ankle collar for extra comfort.

It's really trendy, sporty and comfy

It is also multi-functional, meaning that I can wear it to run outdoor and treadmill, to do workouts in gym, to office, or to even formal functions (i.e. our company's annual dinner, and to dance! :)
trendy Adidas Falcon Elite 3
Comfy trendy Adidas Falcon Elite 3

Sporty Adidas Falcon Elite 3

What I hope to love more of Adidas Flacon Elite 3

I love my first pair of Adidas Falcon Elite 3 very much for being very trendy, sporty and comfy. 

But I will not wear it to run full marathon or any distance more than 10 km


I find the landing on the ground while running a bit hard on my foot. Despite the comfortable padded insole and padded ankle collar for extra comfort, it doesn't translate to comfortable landing. The "bounciness" is not so much or noticeable.

Another reason is when I run, my foot seems to move forward. It is even more so when running down hill. This has pushed my feet towards toe box, creating friction and potentially causing bruised toes ifI run long distance. I believe it's due to the design of the shoe laces close to the tongue area. I couldn't tie it as tight as I could compared to Saucony and Skechers at the ankle area. My feet moves inside the shoes. It comes with only 1 hole at each side. If it has 2 holes on each side, I believe I could have tightened my shoes better. 

I really hope I get to love Adidas more if not because of the 2 points mentioned above. 

Am I happy with Adidas Flacon Elite 3?
Yes, I am. Very happy indeed. 

Who wouldn't like trendy, sporty and comfy shoe?

Now I can use it as my daily wear - to morning gym (with 3km run on treadmill and strength workouts), to office, and to casual functions and even official functions. :)

It would have been more perfect if one day I can run a full marathon in a pair of Adidas running shoes though.

Adidas Adidas Adidas - when are you gonna make a pair of speedy running shoes that fit my feet? :)

Written on 2016.10.17


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